Fattest Slick tire on the market?

Well I have decided to convert my 26" Muni into a handy little do everything/around the neighborhood/fun time uni.

I have a duro 26x3.0 on there right now and I am looking into the possibility of putting a super fat 26" slick on there. I saw the Schwalbe ‘Fat Frank’ which is 2.35 I think and comes in creme and brown. Some versions of the Schwalbe “Big Apple” are also 2.35

Anyone know of anything else fatter or of similar width? Super slick would be ideal.

Geez, I guess there is the Hookworm - 26x2.5. That sounds like the biggest. It would be cool to have a color other than white, though…

surly enodmorph 3.7"wide

if you choose a hook worm let me know i have one im not using

Yeah the endomorph crossed my mind. I think I will be using a KH26" frame, though.

If I decide on the hookworm, I’ll let you know, thanks.

not a chance then what did you mean when you said it would be cool to have a coulour other than white ? the hook worm i have is black
there you go the fattest slick on the market 24"x6" only will fit that bicycle or a custom crazy wide uni frame

There are some tires with Flame design on them that come in 20"X3" I think i’ve seen those in 26" on Hybrid bikes. I’ll try to find them on Internet.

heres a 20x3 but no flames

Have a look at the range of tyres here;
You won’t have to worry about boring black or white tyres any more! They aren’t the fattest around, but most are over 2" though.

I run a 24" hookworm on one of my unicycles just for bombing around and it’s fantastic. For everyday riding on pavement or tarmac it’s great, and is pretty good at mild offroad too.


If my memory is correct, the current KH26 frame does not have the clearance for a 3.0" tire. Good news, though, I think I read somewhere that next year’s KH26 will have enough clearance for a 26x3 tire.

I dont know much about 26". However for he 20" riders Proper Bikes will be coming out with a 20x2.3 tire that looks to be like a nice tire for those who want a 20" that will work street.

Black tyre? may be intresting if it is white…

look there



Thanks guys! I know the 26 frame can’t accomodate a 3.0 inch tire yet… That is OK for my purposes. I’m thinking of going with the Fat Frank.

I’m just having trouble finding a 26 inch KH frame in Canada