Father's Day

Some old footage, been waiting to make a vid but haven’t had a lot filming time so this stuff got kinda out dated. Threw it together nothing fancy in the editing. Also wanted to try a video with more rock music. let me know what you think and leave a comment.

Happy fathers day to all the fathers out there.

Really dug the line with you going over the rail… I still hate your music though.

I was hoping to get some criticism or advise for improvement on riding or the video. Any tips would be appreciated.

Nice video! The riding was really good, I liked all of the lines. The filming was quite good too.

Pretty good all around:D

-Well, I liked the song :roll_eyes:
-I think you have cut the clips a few seconds shorter for the tricks @ 1:30 & 3:15 (just quibbles), either that or then do some small trick.
-Usually I really don’t like dark scenes, but that one w/ the sunset was really nice and shot well since I could see prett much all of you as a silhouette and that it was relatively close.

Edit: reweld that KH. Several have posted theirs. I like the way Skobro did his the best.