Fathers Day adventure(s)

Hope all you dads had a great day, got to ride, and spend time with your kids. I took my annual Fathers Day ride up Indenpendence Pass first thing this morning. It was absolutely spectacular, warm temps, lots of snow up high and got in around 4,000’ vertical of climbing, and another 4,000’ descending. Then, went whitewater rafting with my son and his friends. It also was absolutely spectacular, high water which made for some bone soaking rapids, warmer temps, and abundant sunshine.
This was kind of a cool day, I started at the headwaters of the Roaring Fork River, on the Continental Divide, uni ride, and then floated until the confluence of the Roaring Fork and Colorado rivers, and continued down the Colorado for awhile.
Colorado is pretty darn awesome right now, but then again, when isnt it:D


top of the world, and lovin it:D

from the frozen precip to the liquid precip
Happy Fathers Day

Amazing photos. Unfortionatly I dont have any photos showng my day but It doesnt mean I dindnt have a great time.

Yesterday I sailed with my dad. Us and 15 other fast cats headed off, racing the 12miles (12miles straight there, we obviously sailed alot further) to ryde on the isle of wight. It was a good day, the wind was a little light on the way but its always fun. We had a photo finish as everyone came together on the finish line. Despite everyone taking completly different routes in search of the best wind and slowest tide we all came together, me and my dad having 1st place snatched from before us at the last minute, finishing just 4seconds behind the first boat :frowning: It was great like always and fortionatly a sea breeze came in for the way back and we were twin strinning and hull flying a good way back doing a good speed and loving every second of it.

Hey Mike!

We passed you on Sunday, you were headed down, as a van full skiers was heading up. You certainly made an impression on everyone! My friends were all “I can’t believe he rides all the way up and back down on that thing.”

Good job and nice pics!

It was an amazing weekend, camping was perfect, I taught a friend’s son to unicycle a bit on my Muni. Great skiing and camp food…

Now it’s back to work so I can get some sleep.

I’m so envious. I’m finally heading out to Lake City, Colorado in a few days and am staying there for 3 weeks! All I’ve got space to pack is my KH24 but I know I’m going to have some fun adventures while I’m out there. My main focus is the San Juan Solstice 50 Mile (June 21st) and the Hardrock 100 (July 11th) but in between I’m going to do some nice Alpine riding…

You saw me, sweet, it was a nice fast ride down. Yeah, what a weekend, the skiing did look good, some nice chutes still holding good snow. I hope to get in some turns in the next few weekends, care to join us, how about Fourth of July Bowl on Fourth of July?

Thanks, Sounds like you had a great time with your dad, not sure what some of the terms meant, but it did sound like quite the finish!

The Temps are up now, snow is melting, Lake City should be epic. Good luck with your races.