Fat tyre on a 20"

Are there any fat tyres for a 20" rim or can you only get them for a 19" trials rim?


Onza make their Sticky Fingers tyre for a 20" rim. It will fit into a curved-crown frame too!

Before I got my trials uni, I went through two of them on my 20" and they last quite well.

It’s 2.4 inch wide (so it says) so is only 0.1 of an inch smaller than a trials but is smaller height-wise, i.e. distance from edge of rim to top edge of tyre.

It won’t give you as much bounce as a 19" trials rim/tyre but its probably the best 20" trials tyre. It’ll give you more bounce than any other 20" tyre.

Check unicycle.uk.com, I got mine from there and they’re about £13 quid I think.


I’ve seen maxxis dirt jumping tires go as big as 20x2.25". they’re no 2.5"ers but not bad.


Kenda makes a 2.35 knobby.

Big Apple makes a 2.35 slick.

what about maxxis’ new creepy crawler its fat and noby and super kooshy

My onza 19" trials rim has a maxxis creepy crawler, they don’t make it for a 20" rim do they?


There is a Creepy Crawler for 20 inch rims. But it’s only a 2.0. It’s made to be a front (nonbouncy) trials tire.

Basically all trials tires have a 2.0 or 2.1 by 20’’ front tire to go with them. They are not nearly as bouncy as the rear, but should be more bouncy than a freestyle tire.