Fat Triton 26x4 Muni with Purple/Blue Accents

Out-of-state accelerated nursing school is unbelievably expensive and I can’t keep up. Need to sell my beloved fatty. Hopefully when I’m a nurse I’ll be able to rebuild it, but for now, I need the cash.

Triple Triton sans disc brake tab.
Marge Lite Rim (+ Surly rim strip with custom duct tape for aesthetics, + Surly fat tube)
Black DT comp spokes
Purple DT alloy nipples
Purple Presta Valve cap
Black Mad4One hub
Two tires: Origin8 Captiv8er (fewer than 10 miles on this tire) and Origin8 Devist8er (I’ve used it for about 3 months).
MountainUni Disc Brake system with 135mm Sinz cranks and purple and blue bolts (purple shown)
Purple Deity seat post clamp
Blue Deity Pyston pivotal seat post, 150mm
KH Fusion Zero saddle
Purple Hope Hope Tech 3 X2 Disc Brake (Front, Right, Standard Hose)

$1400 + Shipping OBO

Some scratches on frame as shown. I put zero Q factor cranks on at one point and realized as I was tightening them that they were scratching against the label on both sides, so the label is coming off in areas. I have an extra label decal though! This frame can also take fat 24" and 29+ tires (I’ve personally used a Knard with this frame).

Pictures show it out in the wild, with a different saddle and seat post set-up. I’ve included more recent pictures of the new saddle/seat post.

That looks gorgeous! I couldn’t afford it even if I wanted it, but good luck selling!

Sorry to see you having to sell that one too! she is a beauty of a build. Best of luck Bri.
On a side note, have you been happy with the Hope brake option?

You could rent it to somebody for a monthly fee :wink:

Yeah I really like the Hope brake. I’m hoping (pun intended) the purples ones will be around for a while. They’ve got two nice adjustment features that allowed me to have the lever close to the saddle , which was great for my small fingers. It’s a really smoothe brake too. At first I thought they weren’t working because I expected a more jerky, noisy ride. :slight_smile: If I ever get a bike, I’m installing them. They’re worth the price IMO.


Great to know. Have been looking at them for my next uni, but wasn’t sure till now. So you obviously either have a knack for sourcing obscure parts and products or have one solid source for all the bling you adorn your rides with? Mad4one seems to be pretty accessible direct, but do you have a go-to source for all the other trick parts and products you source for your builds?

Nope. I just look for good deals online. :slight_smile: Chainreactioncycles.com and jensonusa.com are two of my favorites.


Treat yourself early for Christmas this year! :slight_smile:

What pedals are that?
Where did you get those?

Twenty6 Predator with ti axle. I know a guy. :slight_smile:

Pretty nice and pretty good, but for it’s price I rather make my own (floor friendly).
Anyway, thanks for letting me know.