Fat Fraed

I saw some pics of this at felix’s site. It looks great. Anybody have information on this uni. Felix?

OOps sorry URL…
www.unitrial.de to get to the site or

RE: fatfred

Hi Drewnicycle,

now I’ve found the time to register me at unicyclist.com.
Perhaps it is more comfortably to answer to postings…

Great that you like my “Fat Fred” fork.
This frame is actually my first trial fork to this day. A further one is in planning.

Fat Fred is much to heavy (roughly 2 kilograms) and in addition too broad. Now it is made by steel, the next would be an aluminium version. Maybe we’ll name the next frame “Light Fred”

Do you have more special quesitons ?



All i gotta say is… that’s a sweet and totaly wild looking frame! I dont
know how good it would handle, (too wide or whatever) but it looks
awesome… good work Felix, i also like the site! )—(x) Dylan Wallinger
Keep Riding http://www.extremeunicycling-bcmat.cityslide.com

I was curious as to material, weight , construction method etc. I really like the look of it. I think it would be really cool if you combined your design with the cut out designs on Steve’s uni.
I know nothing about engineering or manufacturing etc. but I am getting motivated to make my own from all the great ideas on this newsgroup.
Thanks :smiley:

OOps again
no period after the jpg

www.atec.cc/newuni1.jpg <-- thsi frame is really fantastic ! I like it.
The design of Fat Fred I like too, but’s is to wide. Some times you touch the frame with your legs…

…the next would be better! :wink: