fat bmx tire

I was wondering if there are any freestyle tires (or flat trials tire) that are about the same size as a trials tire. So far the biggest I have found is a 2.5 inch tire. Also would I have to get another rim for that kind of tire or could I use my DX 32?

basically I want a trials tire that doesnt stick to my foot when I try to glide or one foot wheelwalk.

the nwe torker lx has a 2.5x20" with a regular 20" rim but you couldnt use a trials rimfor it.

No, it does not.

The DX has a 2.5 Maxxis CC trials tire, and a 19" Alex trials rim. The LX has a 2.195" tire.

ok whatever


I think BMX tires are seldom wider than 2.1 ?
Many BMX tires are 2.1 though, you won´t have a problem finding one.

Damn that was a smack down of Torker knowledge…anywho…ya, Ive never seen a bmx that big…just use a luna they work pretty well for street…YOu can still glide on them and they dont wear fast…but you do still need to get a 19in rim…

Oh Snap!!

i have just ordered a 2.4x20" (not 19") its a sticky fingers:( but its ok!
well better than i thought.

that looks really nice, the ridges arent huge but its still a trials tire. so where do i actualy buy one of these?

unfortunatly the sticky fingers has rather large ridges which is what i am trying to avoid.

or on amazon.com
If you get one let me know how it works-rides-preforms. I had thought about geting one months ago but I was told thay had thin side walls. I realy need a new tire now so let me know how it works.

The widest you can get to fit and not fold freakishly much is the Twenty-g tire. Its the 20" version of the hoggy-g 24" tire, it says 3.4" but its actuly around the width of a fireball which is a tad under 3.0".