Fastest speed on unicycle

i searched the forums but didn’t find anything

what are the fastest recorded speed on a unicycle

doesn’t matter what uni

I have gotten to 29kmh on my Coker. Thats the fastest I have managed so far, but people have gone faster.

I found something somewhere once about speedgliding- the guy reached 23mph if I remember correctly.

For pedaling, the highest speed was probably reached on a Coker, and was probably somewhere around 30kph or 18mph.

…I don’t know about on a geared up Coker…

i’ve heard offaster then 18mph on a coker

Yeah, deffinatly faster than 18. I can do 18 on a coker. I belive ken looi broke his leg at 21mph on his geared coker.

I don’t think there is any question that Christian Hoverath has the highest attained witnessed (not recorded) speed on a unicycle riding a Coker downhill at around 29 mph. The link is to some (of many) threads that discuss top speed on a unicycle. I still contend that transporting one by aircraft is probably the fastest.

what about on a rocket ship huh?

i was wondering the other day if they made geared cokers

I think one guy did over 30 on his 72" wheel…

“They” do. I made the first a few years ago with Dave Stockton doing the wheel build. Pete Perron has made a couple. I think Florian sells a 36" model.

Didn’t you make one Harper? I think I saw it this weekend. Not shiftable though.

kph (which seems sane) or mph (which seems like a scary thing to do, but probably possible in theory…)

Jack Halpern rode his unicycle down the aisle of a passenger jet during a flight. That may be the fastest speed as observed by a ground observer.

There have also been a couple of sky divers who jumped out of the plane on a unicycle. That could get you going pretty fast, but not as fast as a jet.

i know GB4 himself has hit the low 20s mph. like 22-23. a guy from my club crashed while doing a 19 mph coker run, severly sprained wrist. he was clipped in however. he also has cyclocomputer recorded speeds into the 22-25 range i think.

It was a 29er. Also, he broke his leg because the hub malfunctioned and he went down unpredictably.

Lots of people have broken 20mph.

Have we confirmed there actually was a ground observer? This might fit into the old “if a tree falls in the forest and nobody sees it…” category.


i have got up to 35 kph downhill on my coker.

wow i must get one 36" some day

low 20’s (mph) doesn’t seem that fast to me…i would think that gliding dowhill on a 36" could get you going much faster. I think my friend hit like 45-50 on a bike…and by no means am i comparing a unicycle to a bike…but still.