fastest small diameter uni

what unicycle with the smallest diameter could out run a person?
(i mean stock not a geared hub or stuff like that)

probly a 36" or maybe 29" with short cranks

lol, i can outrun a person on my koxx 20" with 110s

29 in with 89 mm cranks could out run me in distace

mabe 56 in with 89 mm cranks and a geared hub in a sprint

What, surely a 56" wheel with 89mm cranks and a geared up hub would be hard as hell to get off the line!

Mr sarcastic :stuck_out_tongue:


How do you define it? Short distance or long distance? Standing start if short distance? What sort of runner are you comparing it to? Yourself? If that is the case does it matter whether or not you are a runner? Or are you comparing a unicycle with a world class/Olympic level runner?

On average a 24"/140mm cranks is slightly faster than I can comfortably run for anything over 1-2km. A 24"/170 or a 20"/125 is probably pretty close. I used to be a runner before I took up cycling (and still run a fair bit, but not at the moment)

I think the fastest Marathon is run in just over 2hrs. I think the top unicyclists could probably do that on a 24"/125mm. They average about 20km/h which is easily attainable on a Coker or a 29’er