Fastest learners?

What is the least amount of time you or someone else took to learn how to ride greater than 100 yards and freemount?

Just making this thread out of curiosity, and too see if a freind of mine may be a unicycling prodigy, taking only two days (about 4 hours) to complete above task.

my cuz learned to ride 60 meters (no freemount though) in 2 days.

Then I went home and havent seen him since

Took me two days to jump mount and ride pretty straight down my street. I guess it would be about or over 100yds

took me a week (10 hrs of riding):stuck_out_tongue:

two of my friends learnt in a day, with my exceptional teaching skills:D

my friend and i learned in about 2days/4hours same as you

It took me 2 hours to ride that far and freemount.I picked it up really fast and have no idea why

a friend learnt in half an hour, while hungover after my eightenth party. While he doesn’t ride much he continues to be able to pick things up very quickly indeed.

44 minutes mount and unicycle throw the gym but my friend does flatland bmx I think that helped.

3 days i could ride around my block

a trials biker in bristol could ride it dodgily for about 10metres after 4-5 goes in a few minutes… But he is an awesome trials rider.

I could free mount and ride a couple revs before I could ride forever.

It took me a couple hours to ride 100+ meters.

I’ve seen people be able to pedal wobbily after 45 minutes to an hour, but it’s a lot harder to use the metric of 100m plus freemount. Even I don’t know how long that took for myself, though I do know it was over three years. :slight_smile:

I saw a guy, about 15-years-old, who was able to ride across the room (roughly 30 feet) after about 20 minutes. I think it was a case of really good balance and great strength in his legs.

I was lust talking to my friend. I gave him a uni at one o’clock today and within 2 hours he had got 5 meters. I would class that as pretty good. It took me three weeks to ride and turn freely, and another two weeks to free mount!

A couple hours to freemount and ride down the street for me

i saw a guy learn to rider and pas level one in less then 20 min

pfff 10-12hours with a 24" unicycle freestyle

5 hours to ride 100 yds, but…about 3 months to freemount.

Sadly, i was riding stairs and hitting about 1.5 ft drop before I could freemount.

Your people are crazy.

'Bout 8h to just ride the damn thing. 4h’s more to go considerable distance. 2 more weeks to freemount.

2 days mount and cycle pretty long more than 100yards