Fast Unicycle! (And crazed Dog!)

While out this morning for a fun 12 mile ride, I decided to do some high speed passes on my Geared 26er. The second pass is probably my fastest yet. Exhilarating and scary at the same time!

Watch my very close call with a dog at the end! (Anyone else experienced this…or worse? :astonished: )

Wow you are fast!! My dog likes to make friends with little kids and then bark at them when they trust her. I think she likes to watch them scream and run away.

Once there was a lady taking he dogs for a walk off of their leads on a trail we ride. One of the dogs was very aggressive, so much so that it forced us to dismount and I made sure to keep my unicycle between me and the dog. The lady put the dog on the lead again, walked about a tenth of a mile down the trail and let it off again. Same result. The dog came back. Repeat this a third time and that was one Monday’s ride.

The next Monday the same thing happened, same trail, same lady, same dogs. Again, the dog was off the lead initially, put back on, but let off too early. At least there was no third time.

Thankfully I haven’t seen them since. It was a very large, aggressive dog and it really shouldn’t have been off a lead under any circumstances.

Now take that speed to a sweeping single track :sunglasses:

Jbittley-I’ve encountered many dogs like around here too. Their owners seem oblivious to the problem. The law is on leash only, but I’d say it’d be OK only w/ super easy going and friendly dogs. The one in the vid clearly doesn’t qualify IMO.

My dog was always slow to get used to new people, prob more than the one in the vid, so I’d only have him off leash if it was a VERY isolated trail and put him on the first sight of people or other dogs.