"Fast Times as Muni Ridge"

I made this video one week before making the first prototype of my “Uni-cable cam” system. It was during the making of this video that I started visualizing the the rig, and how it might work.

After almost every shot in this video, I would review the raw footage and wonder, “how could I get the camera to move and track me as I’m riding, but without the aid of another person?”

So this is really a pivotal video, in that it was really the impetus for making my “uni-cable cam”. Hope you enjoy, and I especially hope that Sean Penn won’t mind me using his likeness–from the neck down, lol–in the opening title in the video!

Nice video, Terry! As always :D.

Thanks Ben! :slight_smile:

I think that you should begin to make videos both with OMPUCC, static filming and people tracking you, because OMPUCC is really nice, but it can be too much. I figured that when I saw this video, and thought that I miss your high-quality static shots.

Just imagine lines like: Riding topspeed on your MUni with OMPUCC zipping along, reach a drop where you have placed you other camera, fade from OMPUCC to static camera, do the drop and make sure the OMPUCC gets filmed by the static camera while zipping past, fade back to OMPUCC, get to a sharp turn, fade to a random biker filming you turn, and back to the OMPUCC, which you have set up between two new trees along your new route, and continue to do cool stuff. :smiley:


Haha, I know that “UCC” stands for my “Uni-cable-cam”, (all rights reserved, lol) but what the heck is “OMP”? Btw, I just got back from an awesome MUni trail in Pasadena that I roide for the first time…it’s AWESOME! Rock gardens o’plenty, killer DH and singletrack, and tons of trees to set up creative uni cable cam shots! I’m going over the footage now, and YES, I also got some static shots also. I must also mention that I am still nursong a recovering sprained ankle, but I was able to ride pretty well! :smiley:

Man I really want a 24" or a 26"!
Cool video Terry!

Thanks Michael! Yeah either are great for hardcore MUni! I might even step up to a 26 sometime soon.:slight_smile:

One-man Portable. :p:D

haha ok. :smiley: I’m currently using “Uni-Cable-Cam Concepts”, and/or Creations. I considered using “MUni” but the system isn’t limited to just offroad. :slight_smile:

Btw, Milke Penton is having me write a feature article for Uni Magazine, which will explain how I came up with whole set up, with a detailed “how-to” guide and pics. That’s the main reason why I haven’t posted pics or a tutorial of it yet. :slight_smile:

Cool! :smiley: I’ll look forward to reading that, if I get my hands on a copy of that issue. :smiley:

I like the idea to use all your methods of filming rather than limit yourself to the OMPUCC method. It would also allow you to make longer films without so much time spent doing setup & teardown. Have you considered doing something like a dominoes style trigger with one camera ending and triggering the start of a second? Surely you must have at least a few cameras lying about that you could use, <cough /> who doesn’t. :wink:

Hmm, have you seen my latest video?

Still, no matter how cool, artistic, creative or revolutionary something may be, the old saying will always apply: “you can’t please all the people all the time”…so I just try to do what makes me happy. I love coming up with new ideas, and fleshing them out. And I’m very gratified that so many people seem to like what I do. So thanks everyone! :slight_smile:

Great vid.

My favorite one so far (off the UCC vids).

Nice variety in there.

Thanks Anton! I hope I’m not misreading your post, but I’m assuming that you were referring to my “Mountainscape” video that I linked to in post #12, above? But yeah I’m still in the early stages of developing my UCC, and I’ve got the set up and rewinding down to less than 10 minutes average. I’ve got a whole new approach to try in my next UCC vid, but it won’t be ready for a while, while I iron out the details. :slight_smile:

Yesh! :smiley: