Fast packing on a uni?

Any body ever go fast-packing on their uni? Fast packing is essentially back packing with minimal gear. The goal is to cover ground quickly so people usually send at least part of the time running. Was thinking I’d rather uni than run. Ever try it?

Pretty uncommon, but a few.

Are you planning to run with your unicycle :roll_eyes:

Seriously, you’ll be faster running/hiking than riding a uni, unless the terrain is very mild (double track/roads). Also, most long trails don’t allow bikes.

I’ve fast packed and ran ultras, a unicycle would be a big pita AND when tired it would be way more stressful than simply stumbling along on foot.

Now if you’re thinking of trying a multiday single track trip with a muni, that’d be kinda fun.

In my experience unicycling long distances on trails is definitely slower than running, but AT LEAST AS FAST as hiking/backpacking speed (at least for me). Makes sense because, worst case you’re hiking with your uni, best case you’re riding faster than you can walk… I’ve got some experience with multi-day trail running in a supported manner not really fast packing though. However, I have a huge epic planned that is coming to fruition that involves a many day fast pack on a unicycle… :slight_smile: