Fast Paced DH Muni videos/pics Lets see them!

Fast Paced DH Muni videos/pics Lets see them!

Yeah, I’ve noticed theirs a lack of “hardcore” muni DH kindof videos around here…

thats cuz STREET is taking over!!! WOOOOO HOOOO!!! lol

That’s because muni-ists are too busy having loads of fun to waste time faffing around with video cameras and whatnot… :slight_smile:


The real reason is of course that Muni is harder to film as it does not take place in one small space like trials or street riding, and that it is very difficult to make Muni look impressive as genreally the height and steepness of paths is not conveyed well by video. Phil’s right though, we took 2 video cameras on our last trip down Snowdon and actually got no film of anyone riding, just some scenery shots. There’s a couple of photos here if you’re interested.

Here is a video of myself dooing a hill, in which i’m quite embaresed of my reaction after making it, but the adrenalin was flowing, you know how it is ^^

The footage dosn’t do the hill justice, and i’m sorry that it was taken sideways its the only way we could get a good shot.

Everytime i see it I can’t belive I did it so smoothly, fricking looks easy on video.


There is one really awesome DH muni video I like to watch often when I cant get out there and ride. Its called Northstar Nincumpoops and stars Jess Riegal and Zack Baldwin. I’ve got the file but I dont recall which user gallery I got it from.

(edit)I just googled the title and found that its the first video on Jess’s site. (/edit)

Perhaps anothr reason for the lack of DH Muni vids is that a lot of the Muni guys are either adults with jobs or young men in college so there’s not a lot of time to fiddle with actually editing a video. And we can barely make ourselves take pics during a ride, which is probably why our (SB Muni Club) pics are so poor.

You almost have to have some dedicated person who is only shooting. It’s just not in the cards for us to ride and shoot and edit the thing.

But I’d sure like to WATCH a good Muni vid. Most are just trials stunt maneuvers (big drops etc.) and not really about tackling grim, ever changing terrain (drops included).


That was awsome! Exactly what I was looking for thanks! Everyone should whatch this video, very nice!

I made a video with SOME muni riding at first, but the rest is just natrual trials…

I made this last summer, not very fast paced, but the best I could do with just a tripod. Not much “trials” stuff either. Gets a little choppy on the last segment, but that’s 'cause Windows Movie Maker didn’t like taking the 2.6Gig original and squeezing it to the small file above :wink: It’s about 16 min long.

there’s a trailer for the dvd that we (seager and i + 2 others) made of our trip to moad. the dvd can be mailed to you for basically nothing. trailer is 20-ish MB. check out ourunexpectedfailure website and grab the Moab trailer. it’s rad. it does have some natural trials in it, but plenty on muni runs too. also, everything is at least 2x as hard/big as it looks on tape.