fast learners

In message “What’s the fastest anyone learned to ride?”, Nathan Hoover wrote…
>I saw an amazing thing 2 days ago: I was idly 1 foot idling on the >sidewalk
downtown and two young (20-25) guys walked by. One said >to the other, “That
looks easy.” So I talked to them, and let him have a >try. Though he said he
never tried a unicycle before, he got about 1
1/2 >revolutions on his first try. But then he tried again and rode at least
>50 feet down the sidewalk! Slightly shakey, but still amazing.

Hi Nathan,

My son, who is now 19, managed to unicycle away after about 10 attempts. He was
very shakey at first but he rode away for about 2-3 yards, then 10 yards, then
50 yards. He did that when he was 18 (he lives in a different town and does not
have the opportunity to unicycle at all).

A few months later he tried a second time and had a slightly better rate
of success.

I was surprised at the time because it took me 13 days to start unicycling (I am
52), that was 14 months ago. I had already expected younger people to learn
faster, though.