Fast Cyclist Agrees to Ride S-L-O-W!

Another ride-along without tricks or mad skillz. This one might be called “How to Bore a Cycling Friend to Death.” Erick actually agreed to go half his normal speed today and Go-Pro me. It was a fun spin around Mercer Island, Wa., followed by some coffee. Gargantu-Wheel shaved about 20 minutes off the 29er’s time for this route.
BTW: after frightening everyone with my last soundtrack, this time I picked something mellow…too mellow? Who cares, fun ride!

That’s one of my favorite Jack Johnson songs. I’ve enjoyed all your soundtracks. Inspires me to post my own videos.

I thought it was a law that you had to stop by the Roanoke for beers when you ride around the island:)

Nice riding, how long did it take you?

I grew up on the island, been around it on a bike about a million times, never on a uni though.

Cool video.

Ps: your avatar FREAKS ME OUT!

hahahaha…damn! I knew we forgot something!

Tried this thing a month ago on the 29er and it took an hour and 20 mins with a few short breaks. This time, it took less than an hour. The new 36er is so damned comfy! I didn’t take any breaks and didn’t dismount until the end of the ride–just went for it because I felt sorry for Erick having to ride slow. He didn’t seem to mind, tho. heh. :o

I’m curious about your route around the island. It’s come out to about 14 miles for me.

Hey, Dave! Saw your question this morning and it got me thinking. The weather was windy but dry today, so I threw my uni in the truck and headed over to Mercer Island to repeat the course with my eye on the clock. I mapped it out carefully, noted my start time, and took off. No dismounts, but very high winds slowed me a bit on the west side of the island. When I got home, I was happy to see that my fancy new carbon bar ends arrived, so I slapped 'em on. They should help me shave one or two seconds from my time for this route! hahahhahahaha :D. My times are dropping as I gain experience and actually learn how to ride. Haven’t tried shortening my cranks yet, but that should help–or so I’m told. Anyhoo…See you on the road!
BTW: You’re estimate was really close, and it turns out that my own internal time sense is crap. Here are the stats:


Stock KH36 - no brake
150mm cranks
Nimbus Nightrider tire


Hilly, see map.


1 hour, 12 mins., 36 sec.

10.9917 mph
17.6894 kmh
4.9137 meters/sec
967.2727 feet/minute

Fancy schmancy bar ends–can’t wait to bash 'em to hell! :o

Nice CF doohickies. I couldn’t be trusted with those, you saw my UPD handles yesterday.
That’s still really good time you made around the isl especially with the wind.
I look forward to riding together soon.

Yeah, the wind was horrendous today. After the MI spin my legs were wanting more, so when I got back to Kent, I parked, unpacked the uni, and started to go for another short ride. After getting slapped around for 10 minutes and nearly thrown from my mount several times during that brief interval, I said “eff it, I’m done for the day!”
I’m learning that the wind is really the enemy of the uni…glad we hardly ever see it this bad. :wink:

…thanks for your reply, and for your interest in Gargantu-Wheel. I’m sure we can work around the language barrier. How about tomorrow night? I know a nice little place on the water…quiet, romantic, and the chef does a helluva Peking Duck. …till then…:wink: