Fashion/practicality dilemma

My KH trials pedals have recently bought the farm. They were limping for quite awhile before I gave up on them. My old Wellgo B-35 yellow pedals on my Coker are ahout 3 or four years old and a bit bashed up. I put those on the trials and the yellow doesn’t match the black/orange KH motif that well but tey’re beat up and they work. I see that as a good thing.

I put my last pair of Wellgo B-27 chrome pedals on my Coker because they didn’t fare well on the MUni. The pedals go nicely with the standard Coker frame, Airfoil rim chrome/black theme. They looked good on the red anodized MUni, too, but wouldn’t stand up to the abuse I gave them. I had intended to put them on BlueShift which has a blue anodized frame. Instead, I have some blue Wellgo B-35 pedals on it, which look OK but the blues don’t match.

I recently bought three pairs of pedals from UDC. I have red (fire engine red painted) Wellgo B-35 pedals which CLASH with the SH red anodized MUni frame. I have some blue anodized Primo super tenderizers which would work on BlueShift but then I would have blue painted Wellgo B-35 pedals that don’t go with anything in a flashy way. Finally, I have some Snafu black painted concave pedals but the platforms only carry four pins per side which seems weird to me.

What would you do? What would Martha Stewart do? I’m looking for a GOOD thing.

give all your pedals to me!

Why didn’t that occur to me? What’s your address? Do you want me to send some cash too? Maybe some brownies?

I see your pain. I have the blue primo pedals on my red torker DX, and it looks silly.

Ah. You don’t feel my pain. Excellent. How do the Primos hold up to crank and pedal grabs?

I will take them as long as you pay shipping! I’ll give them a good home and lots of attention! :wink:

More seriously, I’d just go with the Snafu pedals. You will get comfortable with only four pins per side eventually. Four pins simply dig further into your shoe then 8 pins, I’m not sure if there is actually much more grip with 8 pins.


My pedals crave lots of attention. I assumed that I would be paying the shipping as well as consulting fees and bonuses. I would ask the same question of the Snafu’s: how do they hold up to crank and pedal grabs?

Let’s think bigger…the pedals are not the problem, the unis are.

Since Blueshift is already mine, just return it please. Blue pedal problem solved. Likewise, give me the red SH frame and I’ll use it for my Fireball buildup. Red pedal problem solved.

I’ll let you keep the stock coker frame, then you’ll have three sets of pedals you can rotate on to suit your mood. Any color scheme goes well with the stock coker frame, as you’ve already proven with your yellow pedals.

You always have the best ideas. I have loaded all my (your) unicycles into my truck as well as all of my spare pedals, seatposts, saddles, and tools. I’ve got $400 cash in my wallet. I’m on my way to Issaquah now. Should I stop at the ATM for more cash first?

…I’ll take the brownies…

The Primo’s are much better for pedal grabs, this is because the pins can not be striped out. The go into holes in the pedals and instead of threads it has spline like things. I pedal grab everything with my primos and dont worry about the pins. Do not use the snafus for pedal grabs. My brother uses them and one pedal only has 3 pins left (out of the 8 on each side) 6 of his pins have been striped out total. I use the snafus for Muni because they are gripper in wetness and i don’t pedal grab with my muni.

Cool. Thanks. This tells me everything I need to know. From what you and UNIquelyCanadian tell me, the Snafu’s go onto the MUni. I only grab logs on the MUni which is unlikely to hurt the pedals.

man i would love some brownies…can you put some sprinkles on em omg i love sprinkles on brownies. and 20 bucks would be great if you dont mind:p

Greg, the solution is simple. Wear your bathing suit when you ride, then no one will even notice the clashing colors on your unicycle! :astonished:

I find it difficult to believe that someone who has constantly nagged others for “Pictures, Please!” has started a thread on fashion without posting any pictures. As we all know, Harper knows fashion. Mikefule is the only one here that can post without pictures and still get us to visualize colors.

Pictures, Please!

I personally have had bad pedal grabbing experiences with primo tenderizers. The pins are just press in’s. I had pins falling out right and left, it was pretty ridiculous. I would STRONGLY reccomend the Jim Ceilienki pedals for trials. the pins have allan heads on them and are very easy to tighten. They don’t fall out! Not to mention, they are much lighter than the primo tenderizers.


Agreed. The Jim’s are the perfect trials pedals. They even come with replacement pins, in 2 different lengths. I myself took all the short pins out and put all the longer pins in, because I like a bit of grip. Highly recommended.

I’ll buy yours from Blackwood next time I see him.

Massey, don’t MAKE me take those pedals off. I’d have to get four frames together with the three new pedal sets and the old yellow ones. Then I’d need the right light and setting. That after the grueling UPD shirt photo shoot yesterday. It’s just too much.

Thankfully I have no fashion sense and therefore don’t care how my unicycles look!

Someone on these forums once said, regarding helmets, “don’t worry about how silly you look, you’re already on a unicycle.” (something to that extent). I think this same principle can be applied to mismatching pedals :roll_eyes:


What does that mean? Tom doesnt have my pedals, I have my pedals.:slight_smile: