i’ve just uploaded the draft faq to http://evilewan.unicyclist.com

When I first read that, I thought it said something else. FAQ

Looking good! If we keep adding to it, we might have a very nice and very complete maintenance FAQ.

evil: pm’ed you about possible Muni tire pressure


Just a suggestion:

Since, to coin a phrase, a picture’s worth a thousand words, shouldn’t the Technical FAQ include
photos (copyright-free or -waived, of course :slight_smile: ) to illustrate some of the more difficult-to-explain-in-print answers?
Would that make the FAQ load too slowly?
How about picture links, at least?


this i something i’d realy like to have, unfortunatly i don’t have a very good digital camera. however you might just get some grainy little low rez pic sometime.

so if anyone can supply pictures (copyright waived of course) for any article that would benifit from them then that’d be great.


thanks to ben-plotkin-swing and RancidFlannel for todays contributions.