Fantasy Uni--Ideal 3sp

I like that my 32 with 114’s is more portable than a 36. Of course it could have a little more top end. Then again, it could also have a “starting gear”.
I have a 3 speed fantasy that I don’t know if I’ll ever get off the ground.
I’m thinking 30% over/under. That would make my 32 with a 24.6" first gear and a 41.6" third. To have more top end would mean more bottom end also. I don’t think going less than 24" would be usable.

How much over/under drive would the uni community like?

I see that most centuries are completed on 36’s with 110’s. Does the Schlumpf style have efficiency losses or is it over geared?

Here’s a topic where it’s discussed:

You’ll probably find more like that with some search queries, though it’s a bit complicated because the idea has gone by a few different terms. (“Geared down,” “step down,” etc.) A lot of the discussion in the archived topics came from folks who don’t post on the site much any more and won’t reply here. About the time I joined the site, 2nd half of 2013, I remember the idea being kicked around pretty often.

One guy’s motivation was that he liked the feeling of a 36" wheel with the momentum and its ability to roll over things, but he felt that 1:1 gearing was too tall for the trails he rode. (Maybe that’s an east coast/west coast thing. An ungeared 36" seems wonderful for trails and fire roads in places like Utah and California.) But the people asking for it weren’t people who knew how to get it made. Good luck!

Thanks for that link Eddie. I remember seeing it a while back but couldn’t find it.

Seems 1.5 is average for what people would want for a gear. For me, I’m guessing I could handle about a 40"-45" with 125 or shorter cranks. I can’t imagine ridding a 54" uni(g36). Amazing that there are people wanting more gear than this.

I completely understand about the roll over effect. For off roading, seems the 26" fatty is gold. That comes with about a 30" dia. Good absorption and large diameter! Dropping into a low gear up a hill on one of these would be the cat’s meow.
My 29 KH is wonderful on mild trails, but for ridding over roots, I’d like to get a 24 fatty(26" dia) with 137’s I hope it would have better roll over.