Fantasy MUni Weekend

While getting the opportunity to ride some great trails in Albuquerque for the first time this weekend, I got to thinking: What would the perfect fantasy MUni Weekend look like?

Imagine that you have three days of riding to plan (Friday-Sunday), and you have the power of teleportation so the trails can be anywhere in the world. Which trails would you choose, and why?

I have some opinions (of course) but I’m interested in what others think. Feel free to include any trail, whether it’s been featured on a MUni Weekend or not. Try to include some detail about the trails and why they would be cool.

Moab, Utah at the location of Redbull rampage <3

A sweet trail somewhere in the Swiss Alps due to the breathtaking scenery; Vancouver for the technical north shore riding; and probably Moabs porcupine rim trail as its one of my favorites.

Northern skyline, southern skyline, and grizzly peak (local trails). Don’t think my legs could handle it which is why it’s a fantasy. :smiley:

These trails ride the skyline of the Wasatch front (part of the rockies) and offer up some very amazing views. Also include 3 of the highest peaks around here.

For me, the best MUni Weekend trails are scenic, long enough to be out there for most of the day, include challenges for riders of all levels, and enough strenuous stuff to come home tired, hungry, and ready for a beer.

Friday: Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, Lake Tahoe

Mr. Toad’s starts high (about 2300 meters) and starts with a good, strenuous, Totally Doable climb (to 2700 meters) through alpine forest, with occasional views of gorgeous Lake Tahoe. After a rest at the peak, you’re treated to a long descent (about 11 km), which starts out with a mix of rocky, rooty, super-technical stuff, including some long staircases, and then finishes up with a fast, swoopy singletrack section for anyone who brought a geared uni.

Saturday: Porcupine Rim, Moab

Arguably the most spectacular MUni scenery anywhere, Porcupine Rim is known for shots of Krazy Karl and other nuts jumping on cliffside rocks, but you don’t need to be insane to enjoy this trail; there are great, complex technical bits all the way down the 1000 meter descent to the river. Every time I go back I ride something I didn’t manage to ride the last time; it’s a perfect place to advance your MUni skills. And now you can shuttle all the way up, so you don’t have to do the 2-mile sloggy climb to get to the Rim.

Sunday: CBC trail, North Shore Vancouver

I think this was one of two or three trails we linked together that day; I don’t remember them all. In any case, the North Shore is in many ways the birthplace of modern MUni (thanks, Kris) and the trail toys are really well built, and amazing for skill building and generally getting your adrenaline levels up.

Amusingly, two of these trails have been featured on California MUni Weekends, but none of them are actually in California. There are some great CA trails, too, but I love these three.

they are not fantasy, they are called “elsbet” and “grischa muni challenge”, both three days full of riding in the swiss/liechtenstein alps :sunglasses:

ok for real fantasy i’ve to think about it…


:d :d :d :d

I would love to do that event, I was trying to get Totally Doable to head out for it this year. But I haven’t ridden there so I don’t know the trails.

So when you say “fantasy”, you also mean I shoud have the fantasy that my legs will still be alive from day to day :wink:

Ah, so many trail, it’s hard to say what is the best, so maybe I’d choose by location and season vs best trails:

Moab in the Spring, a must ride, so much fun to be had, and it’s a nice place to visit when it’s not too hot.

Oakridge, Oregon in the Fall: Incredible single track in lush rain forest, the dry season, great camping, mellow vibe, good pub in town, one hour to Eugene.

New Zealand or Australia during the Northern Hemispher Winter: Hey, it’s gotta be warmer than what we have :slight_smile:

Laramie, Wyoming for the Summer: Great mix of single track, slick rock, long rides, and the weather is on the cooler side.

There is just so much good riding, I hate to leave anything out, but then the list would be endless.