Fantastic winter trail ride

Hey all -

I just got back from a fantastic winter trail ride with Rolandisimo. We went to an nature preserve near Albany NY called the “Pine Bush”, which is densely laced with awesome singletrack set down by the active MTB community. The older, main trails which we’ve ridden before (often at night, :astonished: ) are fairly winding, but not too technical, and pretty smooth. Since the entire area is pine forest with lots of ravines, even these easy trails feature lots of rolling hills for a great workout, and enough roots to hold a rider’s attention.

But today we ventured onto some of the countless, unmarked side tracks. These are less frequently ridden, with bumpier surfaces, and the snow and pine needles loosely strewn over the surface added a welcome challenge and increased difficulty. The hills are steeper (some MUCH steeper), the roots plentiful, big, and gnarly and there are plenty of places to practice hopping over logs laying across the trail.

Also, these trails twist wickedly around on themselves, often just after or even during a steep down, up or side hill section. Several times while shimmying through a narrow, tightly-treed section of quick twists, we found ourselves at the top of a steep downhill with a nice abrupt root at the top giving us a few unplanned feet of air before we re-connected with the earth’s surface.

We were giggling like really sweaty school-girls by the time our unmarked trails rejoined the main paths, and we kept a sharp eye out for the next similar roller-coaster joy-ride. Finally, the setting sun and the knowledge that we should both return to husbandly and fatherly duties, brought us back down the path to our car. When we got back our smiles were so wide they could only be removed surgically.

Sounds like a blast! I can’t get enough fast twisty single track… There should be more of it in Montana, but… There just aren’t that many trails made around here.

Nice write-up! That trail sounds really fun with lots of variety, not just rocks and dirt! :smiley: Any pics or video from the ride?

Sounds like a cool ride. I love riding in the snow. We get lots up here, and if ou don’t learn to get out there in it, then you pretty much hang up the uni for like 4 months.

Sorry, no pics. We usually have to cram in as much riding as possible into our limited free time, and that leaves no room for messing about with cameras. We should, and will someday… :roll_eyes:

Nice ride!

Got to keep the other NY’ers in shape for the May 24hr race! :astonished:

Yeah, not only that, but we need a couple more riders! :astonished: :astonished: :angry: :frowning: :wink: :slight_smile: :smiley: