Fantastic turn around by UDC UK (Roger)

I recently ordered some VCX+ three holed cranks from UDC and had a slight payment glitch, with my account being listed as “suspected fraud”, so I emailed the team and got a near instant response from Roger, who immediately corrected it.

That alone would be enough to praise UDC UK for great customer service but the truly amazing thing was that I received the cranks within 24 hours (and I am based on Norway)!

Now I realise that I probably got lucky with the timing of the DHL pickup but still, it shows that UDC UK are immediately handling their orders as soon as they come in and not waiting around with order preparation, and for that they should be commended. I was seriously impressed.

So thanks UDC UK/Roger!

P.S. You can see the cranks (which I have already mounted) in this post.

Just wanted to follow up and say that once again, UDC UK provided absolutely fantastic customer service.

I messed up my order (creating two) and they combined them and sent the shipping via a faster method. At a cost to them. Not a lot of money but still. They did not need to do this.

It is also super impressive given they have limited competition, so they could just be lazy and we would all just have to deal with it but instead they choose to be even better than expected.

Oh and for the curious, some of the things in my order are new cranks. I want to try 90mm on a couple of my machines, including the 26” that I am currently commuting with. I’m not sure it will make much of a difference over the 100mm I already have on there but I like trying stuff out, so what the hell, why not? :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you, that is very kind of you to say this.

We always try to give the service that we expect ourselves when we order from other companies. We try and give the information correctly, send the right product, be polite, be efficient and always be fair.

ps. I had no idea this was going on, Rachael processed the order and sorted out the shipping etc. so thank you Rachael.

Indeed it was Rachael this time but I get equally good service from all of you! :slight_smile:

+1: UDC UK is the best!
(ps: if you change your mind on the cranks, I’ll take them!)

UDC UK is my goto unicycle store for parts. If they don’t have what I need, UDC Germany usually does (a bit more expensive maybe). If I’m buing a complete uni, UDC Sweden is often the best place to go. All three are great.

I have ordered from UDC Denmark, Sweden and the UK. The UK is my favourite store because of the staff, Sweden is generally very cheap pricewise. I have also been very happy with Denmark and they sometimes have parts that Sweden do not. Though you need to buy a bit because the only have one shipping option, which ends up a bit pricey for just one or two small things.

I have never used UDC Germany ( but I did look there the other day because I see that their selection of pre-built wheelsets is bigger than UDC UK currently (yes, I know both stores offer wheel building services as well). I had my eye on a 24 inch to use in my 26 frame as an alternative. I could also buy a whole 24 but you know, easier to sneak a new wheel past my wife because it is just parts for one of my current unicycles, rather than a new one. :stuck_out_tongue: Yeah, Ok I that is a semi-joke. I could also buy a whole 24 inch uni.

The thinking with the 24 is that I sometimes travel to the US and Iceland for work and would love to bring a unicycle with me. We have a couple unis in the US office that were ordered because I encouraged them but they are just really cheap ones.

I’m thinking a 24 incher would be easier to take with me when I travel, unlike the 26 and 36 that I ride most of the time. In parts, I reckon it should fit in my biggest suitcase, along with my clothes and other ‘non-essentials’. :smiley:

I am assuming that with a Kenda Flame 24X3 or Mongoose ‘Fat Tire’ 24X2.8 (to increase the wheel size slightly) and short cranks I could still cruise around at a reasonable speed. It has been quite a while since I owned a 24 inch unicycle though, and I had longer cranks and a smaller tyre on that, so I am not really sure of the kind of speeds you get out of a 24 inch.

I would be happy with anything around jogging speed or better on a road type surface to be honest.

P.S. I also see that Schwalbe make a Marathon Winter Plus (spiked) tyres in the 24 inch size now, which would be handy in Iceland if I go when it is cold. Obviously this is a much skinnier tyre but it’s not like I would want to go as fast on ice with the crazy winds they have in Reykjavik!

May I suggest a week or two before your next trip to each place order a built 26” wheel with cranks delivered to that office. Bring pedals, seat, and frame. Arrange for some place to store the wheel until your next trip. When you return home take back the pedals, seat, and frame with you.

Or suggest to management that if you spring for one nice 26” complete unicycle for one location they match your purchase for the other.



Yep, that could work.

In other news, once again my order arrived already!

Now, the first thing I wanted to try out from my new purchases is the 90mm (well actually 89mm) cranks, but it decided to snow this evening, so trying them out for the first time on a dark, cold evening, with snow on the ground isn’t exactly sensible.

Then again I didn’t get into unicycling because I wanted to be sensible. So of course I went out and cycled around the block about 20 minutes after they arrived. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep, they look small (and yes that is snow on the tyre!)

Obviously a quick trip round the block is not enough time to judge things but they do feel ‘different’ than the VCX+ cranks set to 100mm. I do wonder if have taken this too far for the types of routes I do. Certainly I have a feeling the hills will be… umm… interesting, both up and down (I have no brake).

Whatever happens, to get back on topic, thanks again to UDC UK for sorting this out for me and getting everything out to me so fast. You are amazing!