Fantastic new dismount!

So today after a UPD on the trails, I was doing a kickup re-mount on my KH29 and my rear foot got caught underneath the pedal. Like a captain sinking with his ship, I remained in this state, with equally opposing forces on the top of the front pedal and bottom of the rear, as the momentum swing me down into a bellyflop in the dirt. It was like an inverted pendulum. And unless I hear otherwise, it’s my invention. I’m thinking of calling it the hammer:D

hahahahahaha !! Fantastic UDP :slight_smile: “The Hammer”… love it

can we see footage of that? :slight_smile:

I guess that we already would have seen the footage, if it existed, Unibunny… :slight_smile:

Yeah, I was thinking I should have got a photo of the aftermath. I must have looked like a cartoon character after an explosion. I had dirt everywhere. My shirt was already soaked with sweat, which of course made the dirt just smear when I tried to brush it off. I got some really strange stares on the ride out! I’m thinking I should wear more padding if I’m going to attempt this move on anything solid, like concrete or rock.:slight_smile:

Congratulations on your invention of falling down! I suspect someone may have thought of this first. If there’s anything original there, it may have been your follow-through. :slight_smile:

Someday, when I get time, I’ll post a tutorial vid. I’m telling you, “The Hammer” is going to be HUGE. I’m going to keep practicing over and over until it’s perfected. And just imagine the possibilities here — if one had the proper arm strength, he/she could do a “jump pushup” and land upright again. Maybe even throw in a 360 sidespin or two…:smiley:

That to me just suggests that the IUF unicycle levels focus too much on different types of mounts, and not enough on dismounts.

I think I have actually done a similar dismount during a hockey game. I was going at a fair speed before I did the belly-flop part, but whilst doing so, I hooked at least one of my feet under the pedal and catapulted my* unicycle over my head so it landed in front of me. I think the official name is Flop 'n Flick.


  • I didn’t realise it was MY unicycle though. I thought I’d been involved in an accident with other riders, but as no one else was down and it was indeed my unicycle in front of me, all the evidence points towards it being a solo attempt.

I did a similar dismount in the woods this summer - hence my updated sig. The part where I actually bounced up off the ground was a bit surprising to me so I just laid there for a few minutes to enjoy the moment.
I was pretty fortunate that there were no rocks or small stumps in my way - things might have been worse! :astonished: