Fancy Being on TV ?

Just spreading the word: this came to me, unfortunately,
a) I don’t live in the States
b) I’ve overtaken the 18 mark
c) I’ve got no videos

However I’m sure somebody can help: came from

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Hello -

I am working on a TV show for youth called To the MAX (aired on the WAM network
in the US and YTV in Canada)

Part of our show features home videos of young people (under 18) doing
interesting/ unusual/ funny things. I was wondering if you had any videos of
young people doing MUNI or if you would be able to spread the word about our
search for videos to fellow mountain unicyclists?

I have included some more information about our show in this email.

Please don’t hesistate to email or call me at 514-284-2525 x2973

Thank You,

Stacey Tenenbaum To the M@X

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Have you ever done something great, wacky or simply extraordinary?

Do you have it on tape?

If you do, we most definitely want to hear from you. We at YAA! To The M@x want
to show your spectacular feat to the world thanks to the magical means of

YAA! To The M@x is looking for its M@ximum Videos.

M@ximum Videos are home videos of you, or someone you know, in the act of
accomplishing something that will inspire our viewers to stop and watch. It can
be meaningful stuff, or just plain silly, as long as it’s original. Nothing
dangerous, 'cuz we won’t show it. Here are some ideas (but you don’t have to
limit yourself to this) :

· An amazing play at an athletic competition · A unique trick or funny talent ·
A trumpet player who turns purple as he holds an impossibly long note

So now’s your chance to amaze the world. If you have such a video of you or a
friend doing something To The M@x, Contact :


Email : Tel : 284-2525 x2973

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YAA! to the m@x

YAA! to the m@x is a fast-paced television series that features young people who
push themselves to the limit - and beyond. Each episode captures 2 extraordinary
people in the midst of dedicating themselves to achieving their goals - like
climbing a mountain, riding a steer in the rodeo, organizing a protest or making
people laugh in a comedy club.

These won’t all be success stories. Yes, we’ll see people triumph. But we’ll see
some fall down. We’ll be there to record important events in the lives of many
of the young people we profile. Whatever happens, happens. This isn’t a show
about winning. It’s about testing your limits and having the guts to go for it.

Nominated for a 1999 Gemini award for best children’s series, YAA! to the m@x
allows viewers to see kids their age surmounting obstacles, achieving their
goals and, in some cases, making a difference. The show offers them tricks,
tips, and advice to make things happen … because today’s viewers may very well
be tomorrow’s to the m@xers.

What’s with the @ in m@x? The series has a companion site on the web. Viewers
can find out more about the kids profiled and we give them an opportunity to be
on the show themselves. Our m@ximum video segment features our viewers’ home
videos demonstrating their own amazing skills as they test their limits and go
to the m@x.

YAA! to the m@x is produced by Motion International - the same team behind the
award winning Popular Mechanics for Kids - and YTV, Canada’s Youth Television
Network. Tied in with the YTV Youth Achievement Awards or YAA, the series airs
on YTV in Canada, and on WAM! America’s Kidz Network in the U.S.