Famous Fargo st. Hill Climb Challenge! (33% grade!)

Hi all,

This was THE MOST challenging, gut-busting thing I’ve ever attempted on a unicycle. When I first saw this hill, I was in denial that it could actually be REAL, and gives the word “intimidating” a whole new meaning!

This is Famous Fargo street in Los Angeles, and is one of the steepest hills in the entire US, at a 33% grade! Many people can’t even walk up this monster hill, let alone ride up it on ONE WHEEL! I just knew this was going to be the challenge of my life, and I might be the oldest person ever to have made it to the top of this hill on a Unicycle! :o

Btw, no video or picture can really do justice to how incredibly steep it is, and I’ll never again complain about 15-20% grade climbs again!

Reeeally steeeeeeep

Hey terry,
Just out of curiosity, what crank length did you use that day? I have 180 Primo’s on my 24" muni that handle most of my climbs, But that is impressive!!!

Well, I normally use 150’s for all MUni, but for this hill I used my old 165’s. It still felt like trying to pedal with 20mm cranks, lol! :stuck_out_tongue:

THE Hill

Thanks Terry, You think 180’s are too long?

For that hill? Not at all! :slight_smile: And what made it all the more of a grunt is that my MUni has a Large Marge rim, which is over 2 1/2" wide, making the uni considerably heavier than the standard KH rim–which is only 1.8" wide, and also drilled.

Crank Length

It must be your legs!

Very impressive! I would love to see someone glide down that hill:p

Their still burning! :astonished:

That’s awesome Terry, are you gonna try it with your Coker now?:stuck_out_tongue:

Exactly what I thought when I saw it!

haha, only in my dreams at this point! :o

Somebody asked me if I got my heart rate recorded. I said, “unfortunately not–my heart monitor only goes up to 500bpm!” :stuck_out_tongue:

Unicycle cable cam plus winch…

Putting this in again as it deserves a double-dip!!!

Balls out Terry … gaaaa…
I am gonna train up for something not even near that steep.
You, UniGeezer, are a freak of nature.

Thanks again Sean! Looking forward to your next video! :smiley:

Anyone want to have a go at this tomorrow am? (Saturday, 4/24/10) I really want to try this again, but it would be great to have someone else there to try it, and also so we could get good tracking video of our attempts, all the way up.

Last time I was solo and had to keep my camera stationary at the bottom of the hill, so it was hard to see me as i got further up the hill. I would like get there early, so after I can continue on to my MUni ride. (it’s on the way) I know it’s short notice, but I thought I’d just ask in case anyone is up for it! :smiley:

what if they stole your camera?
Whatever, nice:p

Well, I had it inside the back of my car, shooting from the partially open hatch. It was not clearly in public view. I guess they could’ve stolen my car too, lol! (But I had the key!:D)

But even it someone had stolen my camera, I would have had the evidence on video! …uhh, wait, that’s not right, haha! :wink: