familiar looking unicycle

I recently saaw this 20" uni for sale in a Tasmanian bike shop.

The guy in the shop told me it probably came from Taiwan and was bought though an australian bicycle importer. It looks a lot like a hunter frame.



… and here is a close up of the frame


… and the bearing holders.

Looks like a cheap copy to me. I’m not sure why you want all this extra frame on an entry level unicycle though.



wow, thats like a 20" hunter. hummmm…

man…that thing is all messed up.

hehehe the seat is backward

Or is it…

No, no, it is.

That is cool. How much did he want for it(looks like 180 bucks?)?

i think it would be a fun frame to have, i dono why, but it just looks cool.

why would that be a fun frame? It would be fun to throw it into a river!!

Laughs like i said before “i dono”

Because its a 20" hunter…

river. alright.

Is this the same bike shop as the monocycle?

No, it’s not. I would never demean a Hunter by calling THAT a hunter. Zack is right. The lieele cross tube thingy is at the wrong angle, making that whole front part rather useless. Also, as mentioned, the bearing holders are far below the Huinter standard.

yo that frame IS GAY!!!

the fornt i excess wirght…but still better than how mine is at the moment…

that frame would be fun to have just because it looks cool. an amateur wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between it and a hunter frame, so…

Re: familiar looking unicycle

This may be a unicycle case of Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny. This is just an early form. When it finishes growing and is fully formed, it will be a Hunter.

that frame has been popping up all over australia by the looks.

its a horrible looking thing isnt it. and it is no hunter.

it was on national television just a while back, the metal mulisha raced the footy show boys around a circut on them.