i think i’m too visible when i ride my uni around campus. besides people asking me about my uni and is it hard to ride and such, there’ve been two incidents where the uni wasn’t even there. the first, a friend of mine told me about. he had mentioned to this other guy that he needed a bicycle, and then the other guy is like ‘i heard there’s this guy who rides around campus on a unicycle. i’ve never seen him, but i’ve heard about him’. then, last night, i got recognized as the unicyclist, but i had left the uni at home cause my friends walk too slow. any advice on how to not become a celebrity?

you are DOOMed, there is no posible way to avoid this,
i know your pain, but its the price for enjoying unicycling…
no, really you can try and teach anyone who even mention the word unicycle, and eventually there would be more than one guy, making you less of a celebrity

there’s another guy here who unicycles, but i think he’s learned not to let anybody see it. he’s got a 24x3 and rides with the unipsychoes in fort worth. i wish he’d have warned me