Fame & fortune, or a newspaper article, at least.

I was interviewed by the East & Bays Courier about 6 weeks ago, just after the Australian UniNats. The article has finally appeared online today and may be in today’s issue of the paper. The photographer made me do ‘hands in the air’ to get the shot he wanted. Not too bad an article, I guess. Brief, but.


No 'natch

Cool article, Tony. Tell them I have a nice shot of you pounding on a crank with a rock if they’re going for the real macho he man angle.

That’s great Greg! I’ll also give them a copy of your ‘Bathing Beauty with unicycle’ photo at the same time…

Good work tony! How many kiwis do you reckon will be wanting to go to Japan? Surely we’d be able to hook up some sponsorship deal (XSTV?) to help get a few of us over there?

and how can I get MY hands on this photo?


I’m hoping for 4 Kiwis to go to UNICON next year. That way we can double the size of the previous New Zillin team.

Yep, sponsorship would be great!

Muniracer - I’m sure someone here can provide a link to that infamous photo. I dare you to! Come on people, don’t be shy.

Cool article, and congrats on winning.
The most entertaining thing I found on that page was over to the left:
World News…Sports…Business…Lord of the Rings…Politics…

What is wrong with that picture?

10 kilometer marathon? Surely unicyclists could handle a 26 mile (41.3k) race if people do it on foot in regular marathons. Ken did 160k at Taupo. Still 10k is still a pretty long race but I would call it an endurance event rather than a marathon. Nice work in beating those Aussies in six events Tony. When will you announce the establishment of your official New Zealand unicycle sporting organisation?

Looks like your racing against yourself ?

Who did you beat?

How many riders were there?

Is that a 20"?

Where’s your helmet?


Not for the minors or faint of heart It’s THE picture!!! Of Harper!! Don’t look!!

So, you are going to get Me, You, Ben, and Ken sponsored to go eh? Peter and Steve will have to sit this one out. Peter didn’t even compete in the NZUni 100m or 400m races, I wonder if he is as fast as Tony. I had the advantage of 7mm shorter cranks than Tony (145mm vs 152mm) and won via manipulation of the open entry rules.

Keaner, Tony is riding his Custom 20x2.5" TUni (if I am not mistaken), and that looks like a pose shot after he’d won the races and come home, rather than a race against himself.

Tony, what unicycles were you riding in the race events? Was there restrictions on wheelsize or crank length?

No, not the photo!

Lord of the Rings should have been at the top of the list, way above sports, business and world news. At least politics was kicked to the end of the line as the least important news.

I should have checked the preview for new replies. Joona beat me to posting the link by a long shot, while I was mucking around with smilies and stuff.

Nice article Tony!

Well done- where are the Aussie Uninats results just out of interest?

Ken :slight_smile:

Yes, in the photo I am riding my custom made tuni, in Auckland (not Canberra).

Keaner - there were 60 riders at the 2003 UniNats. My main racing competition was Simon Wells of Queensland. He won the 100m, 400m, and numerous other events. Alex Toms set an Australian high jump record of 72cm and a long jump record of 1.90m. He says hes Australia’s best mountain and trials unicyclist, but I still beat him by minutes in the MUni race and Peter Bier’s long jump at UNICON XI (1.98m) is bigger than his; but we’ll forgive him, poor Ozzie! :smiley: Here’s his site

Ken - the UniNats results haven’t been officially published yet. I have a copy of preliminary results if yr interested.

Rowan - normal IUF rules applied for racing - 24" wheel (diameter no bigger than 24 1/3" ie no Gazzaloddis) and 125mm cranks. (I used my MUni with a racing tyre on). Any size wheel and cranks are OK for the MUni race and high and long jumps. There was an ‘unlimited’ class for the marathon for Cokers, 26", 28" and 29ers.


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