Falling Hurts // Mounting Works


My boss and I went riding again today. We’ve been going riding regularly now all last week and all this week (except one day). Cool stuff.

Today to be different we went to the BMX track in Clinton and rode around. It was hard, but fun. On the lip edge of a dirt mesa, I was a little too far in front of the Unicycle axle when … I cleared the lip but my tire didnt. So … down I fell about 5-6 feet.

I saw the fall coming so I rolled. The roll helped me because I took most of the fall on my shoulder but I did take about 20% of the force on my head. I was wearing my helmet and all my armor, but of course the place I hit my head was the 1 inch of unprotected area between the eyebrow and the helmet.

My shoulder didnt fare as well. I have normal range of motion and I can lift and carry, but when I put my arm forward (like when I drive or point), the top of my left shoulder hurts. None of the bones hurt when I push on them so I think I just severely and deeply bruised my shoulder. Still, I’m not 100% sure I didnt get a little fracture, so I will watch it. I do have a splotchy red bruise there from some sub-surface damage, but it looks minor.

My boss was even a little worse off. He was on his Bicycle and got going too fast on a downhill, came off the pedals and the cycle somewhat, and rode up onto and off of another mesa while fighting for control, only to be thrown finally onto the hard packed dirt of the rise on the next mesa. I think he took a bounce where the seat slammed into his stomach. He scraped one leg really hard (blood), he has 2 giant lumps on his arms where he came crashing down on them, his shirt came up and he scraped these huge streaks into his chest and stomach, he took a lot of the weight of the fall on his nose and lip (and lucky he didnt break or bust up either one!), and … actually I think thats it. He was wearing armor too but it didnt help. :slight_smile: Heh.

We had a pretty good laugh about how when we were 12 years old, we’d think that was cool. He made the comment “I busted my lip, where’s a dog to lick it.” Ah, 12. Actually I still thought it was cool to get hurt, since it wasnt crippling.

And yes, we plan to go back. :slight_smile:

In fact, I stayed a little longer than my boss, because its been a very cool (temp) day out. I practiced my left foot mount, my left foot idle, my right food idle (which is fairly solid but needs work), etc.

I even managed to get my forward mount going … thanks to Klaas Bil. Other advice to lessen the weight on the pedal, or to swing my weight faster over the axle, or to jump forward really far with the same foot I’m stepping forward with … none of that worked for me. Klaas’s advice #4 ( http://www.unicyclist.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=20521 ) worked. I used forward momentum of my body to roll the cycle forward so that it became OK for me to keep lots of weight on the back pedal. In fact, the forces worked out so that the wheel actually didn’t roll backwards at all even though the weight was firmly on the back pedal. I made it work about 5 times out of 10. They were shaky but it is the groundwork for a technique I think.

Well, it was a good day, and tomorrow we’ll likely return to the off-road trails, and save the next BMX session until thursday. Maybe, who knows?


Re: Falling Hurts // Mounting Works

I’v come home to find pedal coloured marks on the Roach -with no recolection of an impact. While it may not be the case, I wonder if your injuries may not have been worse if not for the armour you did have…

Just a thought.



I’m sure my shinguards save me from things I dont know about, and the Harbingers do too. In Jeff’s case, he took no injuries to any of the places covered by the armor I’ve seen you wear.

So, I’m not saying armor is pointless, I’m just saying it was fluke day for Jeff (and me too) on striking locations. I certainly don’t have eyebrow armor on my list of things to get.

Perhaps you could photoshop that into the image of me and the SegWay Cop you intend to pervert. (Yes, this is a request.)