hey guys, this is a film made by matty p and myself within one day.

film and edit is matty

riding. some idiot.

really good vid -

music, editing and riding.

Autumn Andrew, Autumn… so good awesome stuff, matty could make doing my taxes fun to watch

to make it wven better you could have done a color wash to make only orange show up to go along with the fall theme. a bit like my profile picture its black and white appart from the orange

Great camera work… really nice vid to see.
Looks a bit like a music video :slight_smile:

somone please buy me a Sony HDR. kthanxbai

one of the best vid i’ve seen here for a while
not a lot of tricks, but pretty well shown…
really like the feeling of the vid due to the filming/editing

keep it up

that was just great

– bobousse

Fantastic video! Loved the smooth filming and editing and nice riding.

Wow :smiley:

That video is just awesome. Loved the riding, filming, editing, music… handrail.

Very nice!
the place was well chosen. what city was that?


One of the most professionally put together uni films I’ve ever seen.

Great video… loved the feeling created in it, and very well put together with the music. Really liked it, nice one :slight_smile:

u mean u didnt recognise the massive iconic bridge which featured a few times in the video?

haha, that was more than a great video, that was like a beautiful piece of art.


Beautiful video !

bumpty bump, this should be higher in the page due to Matty’s awesomeness to film & edit and Andrew’s riding.

agreed…it should just be stickied as an example of a practically professional video

so is everything black and white in australia?..i never knew that.

awesome vid as usual matty. very chill, smooth lines andrew

phew, I’m happy UNICON was in New-Zealand!