Fall video

I finally got to ride more again and had the time to make a small video.
hope you enjoy :slight_smile:

… sinco rocks;)

awesome vid Sophia!! your flatland is getting really good!!! :slight_smile:
I really enjoyed watching it =D

Really awesome ! nice riding, filming and editing ! :smiley:

That was great. I liked the good mix of everybodys work on that.
Your riding is getting really good. You really wowed me with some of the flat you can do now. I really enjoyed this video.

That was great! You’re really good at flat, I liked the Xroll a lot. The filming and editing were also very nice, the shots were really smooth!

Loved the filming and the camera. Your flatland is starting to look really really nice. Good to see you can trey :O! And catching your flips now :).


Sucks you have snow now :frowning:

2:38 made me think of Spencer, and then he was in the next clip doing a really nice looking combo. :stuck_out_tongue:

Great video (: I liked the filming and editing, and the riding is very nice as well!

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

yea it does. but i’m going back to LA in 4 weeks… :roll_eyes:


I totally love this video!! Everything about it is a joy to watch.

Loved the whole video! :slight_smile: I really liked the kid with the light saber at 2:03 hehe:p