Fall pt. 2 (Flat/Street)

Comment please :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, I didn’t mean to push send before, but it’s done converting now.

Awesome, man. I really liked this. Just a few little things that you can change:
Still a little bit of repetitiveness (5spins, and scuffcoasts although it was nice that you changed the angles and stuff)
It seems like the level throughout the video kind of alternates… Like when you put in two 540 unispins after a 540 sidespin, the 540 unispins are way less impressive as well as 360 sidespins (i realize they were rolling, but…)

Those are the only real things I would change. Maybe a little less tirehopping, but that’s being really nitpicky with some of the videos anymore…:stuck_out_tongue:

aaaand… nice fulloutflip:D I told you you could get them;) Looked pretty sweet too.

Wow this was awesome. You improved alot since your old videos. And you got really constant. 540side was nice. Scuffcoast too (put it 1 times would have been ok ;D).
All in all good video :roll_eyes:


Thanks guys.
Yeah, I know I got kinda worse as it went one. That’s because last night I completely re-did it, and everything got jumbled around. But thanks for the comments.

Awsome man

I really liked the kickup-rollingwrap, scuff coasts and the doubleflip down the 3

Keep it up!

that was great! congrats on the 540 side. my favorite tho was the street line with the double.

Nice video. Scuff coasting is a cool trick. Didn’t like the music. It made me unfocused. I probably missed half of the video. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, I miss the sounds from the raw footage. :slight_smile:

Excellent skills. Keep it up.


540 side?? two handed in-in trey? isn’t that cheating? :P?? great vid, but only make a combo one time…, I think it will be better then…

5/5 really like it :smiley:

hahaha it was one-handed. He threw with one hand, and caught with the other :stuck_out_tongue:

great vid!

only thing i would change is the music (I had to mute it) and IMO you had too many hops before and after tricks, it makes the vid less flowy…

540side… makes me wanna learn haha. Thanks for the motivation.

nice skills, but all your videos are in the same location. ( your house i pressume) try getting your parents to drop you off 100km away from your house and film :smiley:

Or he could ride 100 metres away and film. We wouldn’t be able to tell which he did. :slight_smile:

No point going 100km just to ride some more flat.Im sick of seeing flat ground in your videos.Do more tricks off stuff

Kind of got a good point but the location seems to be the same all the time, if it was set in an urban place like in the city, to me it would make the whole video better.

Well he isn’t going for an amazing video in all aspects, so I don’t see why it matters much. If the editing, filming, and riding were at a higher level then I would see why various locations would matter.

Says the guy that only ever rides one slab of concrete :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah your right. Theres videos like this, to show tricks. Then theres videos like Sinco :stuck_out_tongue:

100km was an exaduration if you didn’t get that :stuck_out_tongue: yeah you guys raise a good point. but i still think a different location would make it that little more entertaining :slight_smile: