Fall MUNI riding - Prince Edward Island, Canada

Some nice fall colours and great day for a ride!

Great video, Excellent riding!


I like the colourfull leafs everywhere. But they make root-trails really challenging …

Is that a 20" or are my eyes deceiving me?? You roll over roots like they’re not even there, they’ve got to be hard enough any other time, but with leaves covering some so you can’t even see them! o.O very nice

So it’s not just me then :stuck_out_tongue: I just started trail riding shortly before leaves started dropping and I’ve been practicing on my own trails which are riddled with roots, ones I ought to know where they are given how much time I spend back there, but it seems like each one is an UPD the first time i hit it on EVERY ride -.- (I do backtrack and clear it proper each time though :P)

It’s a 24 inch made by Sun.

Here’s another video I made in New Brunswick. http://youtu.be/-gAe2RqKOh0