Fall is here, ring the bell, back to school, hear the yell

Well, My summer goal to produce a unicycle video has failed for the most part. Im going to purchase an pcmcia firewire card soon mabye. Then i’m gonna make a vid. Hopefully this late fall/winter wont be too harsh for a vid. I live in minnesota so we might just get snow really early. Anyway - back to my title

I was going to use that song (were gonna be friends - white stripes) for the opening song on the video. Also, anyone have any song ideas? something that would fit well, more of a metal/punk rock music idk… Either that or im just going to record music with my band and use it.

Also, anyone know the things i need to do, so I don’t get my songs/albums stolen or ripped. I know for songs i just need to mark down that i created them and the dates that i created them. Otherwise, i dont know what i would do to copyright album covers and band photos. If anyone knows anything to these things im ask please respond lol. Thankz!

basically, the way photography works, if you take the picture, you own the rights to it. If someone uses your picture without your permission, you can ask them to take it down. Not sure about drawings, but I would tend to think the same thing applies. If you do take pictures of the band and want to use them, be sure everyone in the picture is cool with it. Otherwise, if you use it and one of them says I don’t want to be in the picture, then you have to change it.

That’s about all i know…I’m sure someone else will chime in with more.

ok thanks man. that helps a lot still

“Hey, I want to steal this song for my video…oh, and how do I stop people from stealing my songs”?

i didnt mean to get you mad lol. And its not how you put it. I wanted to use certain songs that are fairly popular and have been written by other people. Or use my own songs. What i want to do with other peoples songs is legal for the most part because im not proffiting off of it. And with my songs, i dont want them stolen and ripped by another artist. My garage band isnt known by a lot of people, so that would give a chance. I also know how to prevent that. I was asking for legal things that would help me from getting things stolen

Using someone else’s song in your video without permission is a violation of copyright, whether you’re profiting from the video or not.