Fall Flatland - Lose Myself

Hey everyone, here’s my fall video!

Music: Tobymac-Lose Myself

That was your best one yet!


Woh tons of good stuff in there. I love that - whatever that thing is at 1:12. 2:17 is really nice too. Great video.

NICE. You make those combos look easy, to me, which is downright ridiculous.

Two questions: 1) does the trick at 1:12 have a name? (I’ve not seen it before), and 2) what did you do to your rim? It’s pretty sweet.

Yeah That was a sick video, and that trick at 1:12 was awesome, was it kind of based off the 360 superman or what?

Thank you!

The trick doesn’t have a name, but I think it would make sense to call it a curb stall. The stripes on the rim are orange duct tape.

Like I said this is a sick movie, I literally watched this 15 times today.

Awesome video!

Thanks guys!

Awesome video

Great video and great colors :slight_smile:
Isn’t that trick in 1:12 a kind of body varial?

looks like it but all his weight stays on the unicycle, in a body varial you jump off the uni and spin.

His weight stays on the uni, but the wheel is wedged in the curb :stuck_out_tongue:

This is an awesome video, dude. Any flatlander can see the genius in these combos :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey I have a stupid question, how do you get the thumbnail of the video to show up when you upload a video? Whenever I upload a video i end up just posting a link.

you’re getting wicked good, keep it up

I really appreciate the nice comments everbody, thanks!

It works differently depending on where you are posting the the video, but on this forum you embed YouTube videos by simply posting the URL.

This is the best video of fall! My goodness you are a beast! I loved the combo starting at 0:53, it reminded me of Eli in Blue Lips. At 2:00, Treyoverflip? Because that was sick! Your videos never stop impressing me, this is definitely going on my download list. Also great music choice;)

Yeah, it was a treyoverflip. Thanks a lot Alex!