Fall Coker Beach Ride

Reading the great Coker ride accounts on rec.sport.unicycling
is usually tough for us in L.A. Concrete jungle you know.
No lovely English canal paths…

But this A.M after heavy rain…the place and
the ocean all shone like brand new. Riding the Coker up the beach
path, everything glowed with fresh colour. The deepblue ocean
was glassy except for the wonderful sets of waves, most carrying
longboard surfers into the white surf and wide tan beach. Palm trees
sparkle in the sun after rains, and so they did this A.M. Crank the
Coker up to speed and the air brushing past was chilly cool,
but the sun was deliciously warm.

Off to the East, across the vast mass of L.A. humanity, the
local mountains are snowcapped and are out for all to see.
350 days a year they mountains don’t exist.
Hidden by extra additives in our “air”. Wow…whadda day.

Coker sizzles through puddles, (BigWheel reflected up against
the blue). Quick turns to duck the little sand dunes blown onto
the path by the storm.

On Venice Beach (a place filled with the oddest and most interesting
stuff) the Coker always draws waves and friendly comments. Amngst the
snakecharmer, the fireeater, the spiritual guidance counselors and
the rap guys spinning on their heads and shoulders, the Cokeriste
almost part of the Venice Beach scene.

Rode out to the end of the Marina Pier…dolphins rolling past and
pelicans dive/crashing fish. Quite amazing. Roll into a vertical
dive, fold wings, crash headlong into the unfortunate fish
lolling in the swells. Swallow it down with one gulp. Fly up for

White sails heading out for Malibu, Catalina, etc.

Do a sharp Coker 180 aided by a signpost, then a nice ride into the
wind back up the shore…warm sun on the back.

Short but sweet.

Santa Monica