Fall 2012 Freeride: Jacob Spera

Doctor fixed me and told me to ride! So i did


Amazing skills, amazing ride. Thanks.
I love your off-street muni style :slight_smile:

Incredible jumps! And very fast.

It’s a street video :D. The long jumps are awesome.

I love your fluid riding!

If I could spin my cranks half as fast as you I would be happy :smiley:

Wooow incredible jumps!!! I want to do this someday

Dude, that was fast. Very inspiring to incorporate more style into my muni runs.

Wow, amazing vid! A completely different approach compared to what you see in most people’s riding. Keep going :slight_smile:

quoted for accuracy

excellent video! i’ve got a 26 i can rip on, but you make me want a 24 so bad your mobility on those sections is amazing. great riding man and great film work, captured that ride nicely.

Thanks for the kind words guys :slight_smile:

Its fun to film for muni videos, completely changes your style of riding. Kris sums this up quite perfectly in his interview in Defect!

Ive been thinking about a 26’ for more speed! Im just worried about the “nimbleness” of it.

What about a geared hub? I’m just a newbie in the sport, but since the awesome Renowned vid with all you big-wheel street guys I thought a geared hub could lead to some pretty sweet tricks. You’d have the speed of a larger wheel but the inertia of a smaller wheel, so things like half-pipes might be feasible. But I’m not sure how tough those hubs are, so they might break a lot.

Only issue with geared hubs is that they are heavier and weaker than a normal hub. I would hate to ruin a geared hub like that

Incredible jumps! And very fast.

Aaaargh, Im so jealous of your riding spots! Great vid mate. It’s inspired me to go out on the muni today.

Sweet riding! Love it