Fall 08: Street Vid

Just put some clips from Fall 08 together. Hope you enjoy it.

I liked that 5spin bail towards the beginning, that was funny.

Crankflip to glide would have also been cool.

I enjoyed this vid, good job.

I like your style a lot.
Your 5 spins look really nice
make more videos

really nice work dude, i agree more videos would be awesome :smiley:

yeah really nice vid:D

The five spin looks so awesome. It looks like it wraps around your hand. Sick video.

Hey! Thanks everyone for the comments!! I’ll be making more movies in the spring but right now there is over a foot of snow falling so i can’t really do anything! Cause riding in 14 degree weather isn’t very fun! haha Thanks again!

Nice vid.

I liked the backwards skinny @1:40. In the future I recommend doing something different at the beginning/ending of the line on stuff like that (like ride away forwards when you hop off) so it’s more obvious you didn’t just run the footage in reverse.

Good video there feller. Fun to watch you go for it. Slick flips and stuff. I like to see falls and you had some goodies. Thanks for that.
Carry forth…

ha i guess i didn’t think about that… thanks! But yeah i did ride off backwards! haha i don’t even know how to do backwards stuff yet! ha thanks again!

haha yeah i love when I get a good crash on film!