Fair Isle Unicycling

Well this this has been a rough season and I’ve done no riding. But I did learn how to do fair isle knitting and decided it would be a suitable style for creating a hat with a unicycle theme. So here is my first original knitting design, a Fair Isle Unicycle Hat.

Where is the design?

I do dislike technical problems, but here’s the hat.

There it is! The suspense was killing me, but it was worth the wait. That really looks terrific.

Could you knit while unicycling? Would it be that much harder than juggling?

AWESOME!!! Starting a business? If you make a purple/pink one I will totally buy from you. :slight_smile:

Thanks. I believe knitting while unicycling has been done, but not by me.

The real money in crafts is selling the instructions and pattern. If I were to try to sell the hat itself, given the cost of materials and time to produce by hand, I’d have to charge $75 minimum per hat. That’s the industrial revolution for you. But I appreciate your kind words!

Bummer. :slight_smile: that is just too cool. :slight_smile: