Failed Trials

I decided I’d post this vid I just took for the fun of it. It’s not good at all and does not demonstrate any of my skills as a video editor or unicyclist. I shot it after a long day of riding in the cold. It was also quite dark.


I’m definitely going to try film something much better tomorrow when my siblings are awake… I don’t know where my tripod is, so siblings are the next best thing.

Haha I enjoyed that! One suggestion though…try slowing down a bit! You’re moving waaaaay too fast! :wink:

Hehe. Thanks :smiley:

Maybe I should have less caffeine in my diet…
I probably should have done something along the lines of the Benny Hill theme to it to make it slightly less boring and maybe slightly more irritating.

Nah it’s cool the way it is! :sunglasses:

it sounds like a chattering chipmunk in the fast speed.

hahaahaa! loved it, it’s just amusing to watch sped up like that, some corny music would have made it even better though…

uhm i thought i’d have to say… why??? idont think you even manage one hop on there…how i wish i had some palets like that!

It was cold, I had no energy, I wanted to make a video. :smiley:
I swear, earlier that day I was hopping up four pallets.

Also, I admit that the video was utterly pointless other than to amuse.