failed muni drops

…ok failed but nice :p! …audio deleted by youtube…will try again later… sorry

1st: old one from me (senn in an other vid)
2nd: spally, from today
3rd: newer one from me (when i’m big i’ll land it!)

Those are some cool looking drops. Would like to see ya make one, but they look close to impossible. I don’t do drops, so I don’t know, but don’t ya need a landing point that levels out more shortly after the landing to sorta catch up with things?

Those were some sick drops :astonished: ! Very impressive :).

wow i never cared about drops before but this makes me want to go film some…although i wouldn’t be brave enough to try em that high yet…

awesome, even if ya didn’t land em…

Cool. It’s always helpful to have such soft, sloped landing areas! Well, maybe a bit too soft for a solid landing, but it does make for a much softer impact! That last one looks a lot like a drop at my local trail, but it’s not quite as sloped and more hard packed. When it dries out a bit I will go film it. Nice job!

That was some nice riding (even if you didn’t land it). Reminded me of a sick drop that I saw the other day on the way to my friends house. I have definatetly got to try it soon! Hopefully my unicycle survives. :smiley:

with some audio:

Wow, That’s some awesome drops! I’ve gotta go looking for some similar drops in my neighborhood! :slight_smile:

WOW those are some massive drop that can’t be good for your uni

Oh boy!

Turtle, this is deeply impressive!

I am actually wondering whether you are so constrained by steep mountains in your little country so that you are forced going down such enormous drops? :wink:

How on earth would one ever volunteer for it? Me never ever! :astonished:

~~have good day ~~

This great video, thank you for sharing them.
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Awsome, the first is my favourite.

Those drops are HUGE !! Nice one Turtle, very impressive as always. Can’t wait to see you land them.

Do you mean the videos in my signature or the failed muni drops video?

Yeah lol if the landing’s too steep you can’t control your speed. All those drops look pretty damn hard unless you were able to dig in when landing to slow yourself down lol.

nice! :slight_smile: