Failed Mount thread

I had a pretty ridiculous mount today and thought this may make an entertaining new thread…

I’m always pushing myself to mount on steeper and steeper terrain. Today, it was a dirt trail, fairly steep uphill. I tried a static mount, didn’t get enough push to get myself up on the seat, not exactly sure what happened next, but found myself with my stomach on my seat arms and legs in the air, like I was flying. I was actually balancing for a fraction of a second (at least I think a fraction of a second because everything was going in slow motion at this point) until the uni rolled out in front of me.

It was one of those moments where you are REALLY glad no one else was around.

That’s obviously called the superman mount, keep up the practice!

I guess the most ridiculous mounts I have ever had are just where the uni rolls too far back and out from under me, and I just go straight down onto the ground on my stomach.

I ALWAYS fall and smash my shins when I start getting close to a new trick. I get kinda excited and then I can’t mount anymore :roll_eyes:

I’ve had a similar but opposite dismount experience. Trying to dismount off the back I think I hit a root or something and ended up balancing, arms and legs up, with my butt on the seat. For me it happened real fast and I just remember that feeling of being at the mercy of physics… with no chance of affecting the outcome. I fell on my back… luckily my CamelBak. But my pedal did bite my calf.

…Except that you hurried home to post about it here!

LOL, I’ve done that too.

That’s a good description of what I usually refer to as “unintentional coasting” though as you can see, it can also happen when you’re standing still!

Happens to me sometimes when I’m putting my feet on the very tips on the pedals for max flipage

I had a failed mount last Saturday.

After about 2 hours of urban riding and 2 hours of easy off-road riding, I stopped to speak with some people. Just as I was about to mount and ride back to my car a woman and her small daughter stopped to watch me. The woman said to her daughter, “let’s watch how he does that”. With all eyes watching me, I proceeded to catch my right foot on the pedal and landed palms down in the parking lot. I bruised both hands and my left knee. My knee still hurts. :frowning:

Nobody got to see my worst failed mount.

One day in front of my house, I went to freemount. I can only guess what I did wrong but the end result was spectacular failure. Immediately upon attempting it, I went down, rolled sideways off the road and down a small side-ditch next to the road. No injuries! I even laughed at myself it was so ridiculous.

My worst fall was when i was learning. My daughter caught it on film so now it’s a popular You Tube video for my students.


must have happened to me 20 times in the past 3 or 4 days… :roll_eyes:

exaggerated, but you get the point hahaha

That thread just make me remember of the day I received my Coker… I tried to freemount, I couldn’t. After some other tries I did it! but later that day, I freemounted and I was sitting right on the back of my seat, and I fell off of it and fell on my wheel, I couldn’t touch my feet down so I fell on the side. Hopefully, I didn’t fell really hard and I started to ride back again:p