"Fade to Black..."

Sometimes we just see things in black & white. :sunglasses:

The part where you 360’d off the edge of the dumpster was awesome.

Yeah that was pretty sick. Also, that one huge gap near the end. Did you measure that one?

Wow, that was insane… all those fakieflip variations blew my mind.

This vid was insane. When did you get doubleflips down? My favorite part of the vid had to be that 180 flip down the 4 stair though. Good stuff.

You should post this on Unicycle Lab immediately.

I havent posted here in awhile but that 540 unispin obligated me to sign on and say awesome job!

Awe shucks and Golly gee whiz guys…thanks! Yeah, them there tricks went by so dang fast you couldn’t see 'em! :stuck_out_tongue:

dang dude, that was just ridiculous. I just don’t see how it’s possible to treflip two unicycles at once… off a 4 stair. I mean really, lets just be reasonable here.

Holy Unicycle

that 540 sidespin gave me an erection

What, you didn’t see my 720 coker spin while balancing on a 1/4 inch skinny, 30 feet off the ground? Comon man! I worked really hard to get that trick down! :frowning:

What the heck, you changed the link? Wheres the other video with all the tricks Terry? That one was a lot more interesting. :frowning:

Wait…are you saying there’s “missing footage”? :p;)

:frowning: i guess it was too awesome for the internet…

i know! i didn’t know it was possible either, but i guess it is

Dangit, I missed the Coker 7spin… :frowning:

Me to.:frowning: