Factors that put Uni-ing over Skateboarding

I hang out with a lot of skaters and BMXers. They are all good guys (except for the occasional asshole). I like the fact that they all respect what I can do.

come to think of it, it doesnt have much to do with the sport (a little bit does tho) its more the fact of the actual person themselves, whether they are generally nice people or sour…

most ppl will give u a smile or a nice greeting, but then u get the sour, unpleasant person who doesnt want nething to do with u, or has a crap life, so they take it out on others…

but the sport can affect ppls attitudes, for instance, skaters generally (if they r somewhat good) have a tendency to think they r the best therefore they are to good to speak to others, who arent as good, or dont do the same sport!

tom i cant believe you went to a skate park without your uni!

Not all skaters are the same. i know heaps of really friendly skaters. lots of cocky conformist ones too though.

we get more respect from the public too. my evidences of this is, skateboarding thro my town on a tipical busy day compaired to unicycling.
on a uni i get loads of smiles from the chicks, chaves and oap’s loads of peole are really interested in what i do. and often(very often) stop me for a chat…

compaired to on a deck. people dont say nething, dont even make eye contact, the chavs shout gorfic! (gothic)

thas about it,

when people see people on unicycles it takes them back, back when they were young, when they saw their 1st unicyclist in the circus or on telly. and their amazement in some who can ride completely ballanced on one wheel
skateboarder are sterotypically thort of as , scruffy drug abusing youths. asociated with grafiti and antisocial behauver. this image is what makes people dislike sk8rs.

I think generally actual skaters (ie. people who skate rather than just hang around wearing skater clothes) are nice people. If you go skating anywhere popular, there’s so much nice stuff, like everyone waits in turn to skate things, and people will help you with tricks.

There’s definately less respect from the public for them, cos we’re seen as happy circus clowns rather than scowly yoofs. Maybe the clown thing is a good thing after all.


I think one of the primary problems is the image of skateboarding attracting antisocial people.

I agree with some of the other posts here that skating is often more about the image than the skill. Most unicyclists I know tend to really practice their skills until they can nail 'em every time. I’d have to say that 99.9% of the time, the skaters I’ve seen just can’t seem to land a trick. The only one I’ve seen who can is this local guy who’s in his 40s who really practices hard. He always lands them. I’ve seen him uni and juggle too. He’s good at pretty much everything he tries. He’s really quiet though and doesn’t talk to or hang out with anyone.

I sucked at roller blades.
i sucked at skateboarding.
riding a bike is boring.
forget jogging and running.
unicycling is awsome, and unlike all the crap i listed above, i’m pretty good at it.
not good ebnough to upload videos, or to been seen by other unicyclishs, but good enough where i can ride around±

Intelligible communication? Here? Crazy!

Seager, you are my new hero. Not only did you propose an actual, formal argument, but you turned someone else’s banter into one. Furthermore, you criticized people’s mindless use of the English language. I’m quite impressed, honestly.

Skateboarding and BMX have become a “cool” thing to do. I find that unicyclists are much friendlier people because they ride because they love it, not to be cool. Same thing with mountain bikers, if they ride because they love it, then they are really friendly.

i once went to a skatepark and this guy was acting coccie infrount ofsome little kids and he wasnt even good

so every trick he did me and my mate did the same trick and he got mad and starting stressing.

then he did a 360 flip and i cant do that so i rode off haha

wait so he was skating and you oin a uni?

no this was in the dark ages when i used to skate

im glad i am doing my part in putting the scowling youth back into the unicyclist. enough is enough, people need to learn that its not funny to regurgitate the same ol jokes.

im not all scowling, and only the occasional bMXer round here gives me sh*t. but i dont really care, as long as you dont get in people’s way, they wont talk you down.

oh and dale_dale… that guy seemed to own you in a single trick, a 360 flip… what was the purpose of this story??