Factors that put Uni-ing over Skateboarding

the other day wen my mates conned me into going for a skate at the local skatepark, instead of taking my uni :frowning:

at the train station i saw anotha skater sitting on a bench right near me, i looked at him and he pretty much ignored me!! I then sat down and instantly thought “god damn cocky skaters” ahaha

and thought, “if that was a unicyclist, and i had my uni with me, they would have jumped up and introduced themselves and so would i”

Unicyclists are a much better group of ppl than skaters and bmx riders i believe…

wat does evry1 else believe ??

and what other factors do u think put uni-ing ova skateboarding and BMX riding??

I do all 3 sports, but I must say, unicycling is the most friendly. The funnest too, I might add.

Not to be sterotyping skater, but every single skater i know,dress the same, haircuts are generally all the same, act the same, cuss a lot, and do drugs.

I have met some that just skate cause they skate, they dont dress up or act like “skaters” but he just skates, too bad all of them arnt like that… and it does seem like the are ignorant to the fact there can be another skater with them. I see a unicyclist, we start talking and hang out, when skaters see another person, they usally ignore them.

Please dont take offense to anything im saying, cause i have met a lot of skaters\bikers\etc… that are extremely nice, will pick up a conversation with any random skater\biker, and are some of the best ppl ever, but from the majority i have hung out with, or seen, i cant partically say i like how they act lol.

One thing i like to do though, is when im riding at a local skate spot, and see skaters trying to do a set or jump off something, i get up on my uni and do the same gaps and jumps they do, only difference is i usually land it lol, but then most times when i unicycler (like me and my friends) go to a skate spot to ride, the skaters leave, i dont see why, we arnt be disrespectful, and i would love to ride with them and hang out, but they just leave, how sad… =p

P.S. dont mind my typing, im very tired right now and i am about to go to bed, im not even sure if i spelled something wrong lol, but just in case lol

Unicyclists are a lot more uncommon than skaters, so when we see someone who shares our hobby we get really excited and need to meet them!

However your point stands about skaters being about more than the riding. A lot of people who skateboard do so for the culture or the image. There is no (positive) culture or image associated with unicyclists, so everyone who unicycles does so because they love the sport, not cos they look ‘cool’ doing it. It also doesn’t cost much or take much to carry a skateboard around with you, act all depressive and angry and get into that culture. A Uni, proper safety gear and learning to ride, is a serious commitment financially and of your time.

There are of course some exceptions, and I have also met some very friendly and enthusiastic skaters. I have coversely never met a single unicyclist I didn’t immediately like, which is funny, cos the only thing we had in common was an arbitrary talent. Maybe it says more about what it takes to become a unicyclist.

I find that people are much, much more willing to approach a unicyclist than a skater. I’ve had conversations (initiated by the other person) with a group of japanese tourists, an 80 year old couple, countless chavs (the ones who stop laughing long enough to ask questions), shoppers in central Southampton while stood outside Boots, countless bikers, random students. All ages are interested in unicycling, not so for skateboarding.


It’s generally the same up here.

To summerize the first post, if I may:

  1. Skaters often ignore other skaters
  2. Unicyclers always introduce themselves

Therefore: Unicyclers are more friendly than skaters.

My reply:

  1. Groups with lots of members tend to break into sub-groups
  2. Skaters are a group with lots of members
  3. Groups with very few members tend to not break into sub-groups
  4. Unicyclers are a group with very few members
    5. Inter-group relations are often more friendly than extra-group relations.

Therefore: Unicyclers will great each other warmly and skaters, if they are from different sub groups, will not.

very good summary, and clarification :wink: hehe

althought u spelt greet wrong, u spelt it great … lol

unicyclist are a whole lot more friendly then skaters. what all of you have been saying about them hanging in different groups they do. i don’t skate but i hang out with alot of skaters. i always have people ask me if i skate just because i wear skate shoes to uni in. not all skaters are druggies. at my school the drug head skaters hang out together and the none drug head skaters hang out together. even though i don’t do drugs i know some people that i talk to sometimes that do. the people that don’t do drugs are always more happy, nice, smarter, and more out going.

i know some really cool skate boarders but i know some that are just angry mean punks that are jerks and will do any and every thing to get a luagh out of there little click of fellow jerk skaters … some of my best friends skate board but arnt like that some of them dress the like the "skate board culture but arnt jerks… i would guess that the nice ones are a minority in comparason 2 the jerks

my experience is that skateboarders think there all that but uniers are verynice like if u went up to a skateboarderand said can u help me leran how to olie thered say get lost but if u asked a unier to help u unihop he or she would usually help

yeah i agree with what everyone else has said. skaters are generally more mean because they always think theyre the best no matter what…and unicyclists are freindly cuz we all kno that we are the best no matter what.

I’d like to say that Unicyclers are better because we don’t talk like skaters and know how to type well and have a proper grasp of capitalization and punctuation, but that clearly is not the case from this thread.

The major thing is probably that it is way easier to learn to ride a kateboard than a uni, so when you ask a skater for help they think you are a moron, but when you ask a unier for help, they know how much work it takes to learn to ride so they are willing to provide assistance.

well if i saw you staring at me on the subway id probably leave a.s.a.p.

im learning to skate during spring break! im soo excited!

i was staring at him at all, if u read the post, it says i looked, looked is for a brief period of time, if i were staring at him, i would have sed stare, and evry1looks at each other …

ok, then why would he say anything if you just glanced at him?

he didnt say anything … :thinking:

thats why i sed he was rude …

thats my point, what would his reason be to say any thing? thats not being rude, maybe hes a mute, maybe he didnt see you, maybe he just didnt feel like talking. thats cmpletely different than being rude or a prick, if he was rude you would have said hi and he’d tell you to f*** off or something.

oh yeah fair enuff thats a true statement…