Fact checking

Can anyone give me any information or pictures of early unicycles? I am reasearching it for my drafting class, and I need accurate info.

From my understanding, unicycles evolved from penny-farthings, can anyone varrify this?

Also, were all the original hubs cottered?

I’ve seen old adds for kits to create your own unicycle from the 50’s or so, does anyone have those pics?

were there ever any wood unicycles, or were they all steel by the time the unicycle started to evolve?

I have pretty much all the information on modern unicycles except pictures or designs of geared unicycles and hubs, can I perhaps get any designs of uni 1.5 from harper?

Thank you all.

Here’s two bits about unicycles from the 1880’s
Unicycle (ca. 1882)
Can it be that the coming machine is to be a unicycle?

Greg Harper has assembly drawings of his hub at The Home Of Harper

Frank Bonsch (a.k.a. Unifrank) has a CAD drawing of his planetary gear hub. His hub was made with parts and gears from a broken Shimano Nexus hub.

Thank you very much John, that’s exactly what I was looking for!

one more question, when was the giraffe first seen?

That is an excellent question. I don’t know the answer, but when I visited the Metz Bicycle Museum, one of the two unicycles he had was a giraffe which I think was from the 1920s. You might call to verify this, though.

Have you checked the books
The Unicycle Book by Jack Wiley
Unicycling from Beginner to Expert by Sebatian Hoher or Sebastian Hoher
Both books are out of print but you might be able to find them at your library or through an interlibrary loan. Both books have some info on the history of unicycling.

For detaild on the build of an old-old unicycle, use designs of penny-farthing bicycles from around 1880 or so. Unicycles are believed to have started around 1870 but nobody seems to know for sure.

On the bike you choose to use as an example, just take off the frame from the steerer tube back. Keep the fork and handlebars. That’s it! Seats came later.

Giraffes appeared no later than the 1890s. I’m pretty sure professional entertainers were using them by that time.