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Not trying to get ANYBODY to stop riding their bike…but you can put a fender on your uni

Well now my beautiful mug is in el gallerio :slight_smile: (blue shirt… looks tired… camera pressed up against head

i added a pick of me and my kids.heres the caption.

“here I am with my daughter Jordan and my son Avenue.oh yeah im Jagur.”

== #59

Captions are updated, guys. Thanks for the posts.



  • But not trials, nope, its got to be nice and dry for trials.

I’m used to the rain here in Whitley Bay, (Tyne & Wear, UK) though! :slight_smile:

The thought of a nice warm shower when I get home, mmm… :smiley:

Who needs a mudgaurd Phil? Its fun gettin mud all the way up your back from head to foot! :smiley:


If you’re going riding for riding’s sake yes, but if you’re going to a lecture or similar I’d tend to disagree…

(and you have a handy washing machine to clean stuff in, too… bah!)


This faces gallery thing was a great idea Yoopers. Now, every time I read a post I can pull up the faces gallery and pretend that person is talking. It works for the most part, but for some reason I don’t do it when Harper posts. Thank you for posting all your beautiful pictures.


Hey Jagur, is that your normal attier (sp??).


Hurrah for random friends taking pictures of me!

Now everyone can see what the elusive (and most likely almost entirely unknown) Eli Chiasson (michaeli) looks like; the last picture in the faces gallery (here).

I’m currently going to school in Hamilton, Ontario (Canada). Home is Nova Scotia (Canada). I ride a Bedford 20" Freestyle (of which enough good things I cannot say).

Hurrah for convoluted sentence structure. The grammar police would have me spread-eagle on the hood of their car for that one (if not for other purposes as well).

Anyhow, nothing like a self-promoting, fairly empty post to get this thread back at the top of the rotation.


put me down for: A new year… of bagpiperboy

and that will be
“GILD unicycling up to the NUMBI gate of the Kruger National Park.”

thanx bruce

Faces Gallery

Naomi, will you marry me?

– Glutes

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I think I see a new forum budding…www.unicyclist.com/matchmaking

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> Naomi, will you marry me?
> – Glutes

Er, of course not, they won’t let me out of the cage:

But have any of you in the UK seen the advertising hoarding that I think
features one of our regular contributors here: Arnold.
Check out the Land Rover Discovery Ad. I had not realized our Arnold was
quite so cute, cuddly and good looking…but maybe the make up for the
photo session will have helped onsiderably? :wink:


A bit off topic but, yesterday I got kick off of my old middle school when unicycling. Naturally I went to my old elementary school to continue. When I pulled into the lot, there was the strange sound. At first I thought it was a real high-pitched car horn. When I opened my door I realized it was a bagpiper. After speaking to a few teachers on their way home, I found that it was the first time the saw the bag piper there… or a unicyclist for that matter.

When the piper finished piping, a good hour or so, I went up to him to thank him for the music and to tell him he did a real good job. His reply: I think you have more talent then me.

Wow, a bagpiper and a unicyclist in Hawaii… what next, snow?