Face Plant!

Anyway I’d love to go to one of those events, but yes I’ve only been unicycling a short time, and I’m not good enough and not enough money, lol.
Money will always be an issue, but putting that aside, UniNats’ are always really friendly and laid-back. You should come along no matter what level you’re at. It’s a great chance to meet oother riders. Besides, the next one is in Darwin in 2005…you have a bit of time to practise and to save up. Hope to see you there. :slight_smile:

and I hope you face gets better.
Thanks for the concern, but it’s fine and always has been. It was a very minor ‘injury’.

Next time I go to hop but try to bail out half way I won’t take both feet of the pedals mid air when the unicycle is gonna land perfectly upright.
Ouch! Believe it or not I haven’t yet hurt myself that way in 1.5 years of unicycling and I don’t plan to. :slight_smile:

But yeah I’m getting better, so wish me luck
Nice, good luck!


Wow, you mangaged to highlight all my spelling errors in that one post, lol. Sorry bout that, I must have been having trouble thinking that day. Anyway, I’m much better at hopping now, I can safely say I can hop up things like curbs, oh yeah and I decided to hop 100 times, found it amazingly easy. Next thing for me to learn to do is to hop up and down stairs. Up first though. I’m going away with my friend (the one who unicycles) tommorrow to the island over here in WA, you might heard of it, Rottnest. Anyway, I’m there for about 3 or so days so I should get alot better :slight_smile:

Ouch! And a real, full-on faceplant too.

I did a “body plant” on Sunday, falling on a rocky section of the Clementine Loop in Auburn. I lost my footing and landed facedown. I remember bouncing, so I actually impacted twice. I had scrapes on my left hand, legs just above the Roaches (thanks for saving my knees, Roach!), my stomach and chest, and maybe my shoulder. Fortunately my actual face stayed off the ground, so my helmet was again not used. What hurt the most afterward? My pinkie (finger). But I was more worried about my wrist, which had slammed down pretty hard. I guess I landed properly, as much as that’s possible for something I should have been able to run out of, by spreading the impact all over the front of my body!

Andrew has shown us a perfect example of why a helmet is a must for Trials. Even though it barely hit the tire this time, a slightly different landing could have put his forehead right against the edge of that tire. Just goes to show you never know when you’re going to take one of those nasty falls! Glad you’re okay, and thanks for sharing! Lucky for me, nobody on Sunday brought a camera… :roll_eyes:

that rules! you made my day!

Yes, and at the Woodford Folk Festival, the one time I wasn’t wearing my 661 shin and knee pads I had a pedal tear down my calf. :slight_smile: Now I always wear them.