Face Plant!

My first face plant!


What…can’t do trials on concrete?

Dang, i was excited to see that clip… but the formats poop

here is a highlight


Ouch. That had to smart. On the upside, your Uni found a safe place to land.:wink:

Nice… i wish i were lucky enough to have done that on camera.

What…can’t do trials on concrete?
What do you mean?

Dang, i was excited to see that clip… but the formats poop
You can get the codec you need from www.divx.com .

That was kind of an ‘aren’t you lucky you landed on a tire’ type of expression

yow, that does look like a good face plant…

Sofa, should you not be sleeping?

my 3 hour afternoon nap left me kind of restless :frowning:

Hey A_C, do you have a non-slow motion version for us?

If you in windows media play go to Play -> Play Speed -> Fast. At least it worked for me :slight_smile: ANd you can make it even slower aswell, :stuck_out_tongue:

But ouch that looks kinda painful.

Oh yeah and this is slightly off topic but it’s good that http://www.unicycles.com.au is open. Nice to see an australian site there, shame you’re in brisbane (is it?) thoguh. Oh well, I got 1 friend here who I can ride with.

HOLY COW, ANDREW!! Are you alright? It looks like a bright colored fluid squirting from your face at the end of that clip. I hope not. But, if so, better you than me.

Hey A_C, do you have a non-slow motion version for us?
I just made one then. Here it is - http://www.unicyclist.com/gallery/albums/albup16/Face_Plant_Compressed_2.avi . I had to go to a lot of trouble to make the little clip. As I’ve mentioned a few times, I can’t transfer things properly from my camera to the computer until we get a new computer (very soon). What I have to do is capture it frame by frame meaning I have to keep manually stepping it forward so the computer can keep up. Otherwise it captures about 1 frame per second. So I ended up with a really long video. Then I had to split it up into the individual frames and save them as separate videos and piece them together with VirtualDub into one clip. Anyway, it’s done now.


It’s great to see another Australian here! Tell us a bit about yourself, what sort of riding are you into? Are you goiung to go to the next UniNats? Did you go to last year’s UniNats? I know it’s a long way to travel but are you interested in coming to the Australian MUni Weekend? A friend and I are organising it…it’s here in Brisbane.

Yes it’s great the unicycles.com.au is finally up and running. I’m actually working for Gary (the owner) assembling unis and lacing wheels and so on.

As for other riders in Perth, have a look here - http://www.unicycling.org/roster/index.php?country=australia . I found you 4 more! Just do a little search for ‘perth’. Plus there will be heaps more unicyclists than you think. I met two guys who unicycle at the trials competition yesterday.

Nice to meet you.


Greg (I missed your post),

I’m fine, thanks. The bright red fluid came a little later…luckily from inside my nose. :slight_smile: All I got was a little bit of skin off the nose and underneath it and a bruised nose…that and a good video. Strangely the bike trials riders seemed to respect me even more after the face plant. :thinking:


Thanks Andrew.

Now can you do one in reverse, 3/4 speed?

And then…

(what a horrible process you have to go through!)

Thanks for finding me those other guys Andrew, and yes there would be more not on there because I wasn’t (am now) and my friend who I ride with has.

I didn’t make it to the UniNats last year since I wasn’t riding then, and won’t be able to make it this year either. Yes Brisbane is a long way, I’m 14 years old still going to school and I’m definately not good enough to go to anything yet. I feel as though I might be more interested in Trials riding but not sure yet, been riding since 20th December 2003, so yes I’m not very good yet, but I’m getting better.

Anyway I’d love to go to one of those events, but yes I’ve only been unicycling a short time, and I’m not good enough and not enough money, lol.

But thanks anyway, and I hope you face gets better.

ahahahaha, right on dude, that sick

Oh well Andrew, if you wanna know a bit more about me, I’m currently learning to hop. Was trying it yesterday and had my first painful injury. Next time I go to hop but try to bail out half way I won’t take both feet of the pedals mid air when the unicycle is gonna land perfectly upright.

Stuff like that happens to me often. Nothing that spectacular, but nothing to scoff at either. I just wish I had a camera on me when it happens so I can see some of it.

Nice Work!


Mmm… I’m going out again today to learn to hop better and hopefully I should be able to hop up a curb with some consistency. Hopefully i wont try the take feet of pedals method of bailing half way through. But yeah I’m getting better, so wish me luck.