Fabian's new record

found this on the tube.

it has already been posted…

If you are holding a serious record make sure you get the measurement correct. The pallets are angled out, and the measurement goes from the base up against all the pallets to the top, being slightly angled and incorrect as a measurement verticle from the flat. Good hop though.

-Shaun Johanneson


ok so what’s that? :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :wink: :sunglasses: :o
in the Fabian Mark’s record hop (111.5cm) post page 3 post 39
other questions? :slight_smile:

that is amazing i dont know how you thrust yourself up 114.5cm high. its just disgusting :astonished:

That doesnt matter it was amazing! They measured it and it was 114.5 so if they were not angled it would be even more.

No, it would be less. Pythagorean theorum.


This is amazing, but its just not smooth. Its so pressured, like jamming your uni into the ground just to get extra height. Pesonally, I enjoy seeing Ryan Atkins do his high jump, because they are so smooth and consistent, where as Fabian’s are more jagged. Just my opinion, but still, getting up that high on a uni is amazing. Great job!

Heh… if I walked away from the olympics with a gold medal in the high jump, I don’t think I would care how ugly or jagged I looked…

Its not figure skating… there’s no style points… :smiley:


Yea whats really cool other than his height, is how he thrusts that wheel down soo hard for a huge jump, I can watch him to that forever, look so cool.


In trials style points don’t count.

-Shaun Johanneson

p.s. I’m not in the group of people saying it. I’m just putting it out in the open how people are saying it. Now who disagrees?

I strongly disagree with that. Zack Baldwin had (or has?) incredible style in his trials riding. I would much rather watch his trials with style than Yoggi or someone like that.

I think trial is much more better for competitions than for example street. And in competitions nobody cares the style. But for a video style is very important. I hate it that I dont have that much style and always need many set up hops.

True true, but just to watch it, I think that style is everything. But when it comes to competition, who cares how it looks, as long as he does it.

Style doesn’t count in a Trials competition. But a video is something else. Of course you can like one person’s riding style more than another.

In record-setting, all that really matters is the measurement, and whether the parameters of the record are met. That guy did an awesome jump, but unfortunately we don’t know how high it was. Who’s to say how many centimeters were added by measuring on the angle of the stack? At least three or four I’d think. Minimum.

But riders who are still out practicing can only learn from this. Doing a record by video is tough. You really have to be very detailed and clear, such as showing your jump spot and measurement from multiple angles, and zooming in on both ends of the measuring device to see where things are.

The jumps will continue to edge higher. Meanwhile we need a good name for jumping onto things. High Jump is over a bar, pedal and crank grab are obvious. A jump like that needs a better name than “hop” if you ask me. Hop to rubber? I don’t know. For success it should be done with no hands touching down either.

He’s my god!! :astonished: :astonished: